Alto's Odyssey Guide - How to Tackle the Tough Tasks

Posted by Campbell Bird on February 22nd, 2018
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Alto’s Odyssey is a completely stunning and serene runner, but it can also be a bit tricky. Check out these to try and keep your cool while playing this endless runner:

Don’t focus too much on tasks

The main progression system in Alto’s Odyssey is tasks, which might ask you to travel certain distances or perform certain tricks in a run. While it may be tempting to try and get these tasks done ASAP, sometimes focusing on completing them makes them harder to complete. It’s often easier to accomplish more tasks more often if you just focus on having a really good run instead. On a good run, there are multiple opportunities to complete any given task, which increases your likelihood of getting them done.

Save coins for unlocks

As you collect coins in Alto’s Odyssey, it might be tempting to spend them as soon as you get them, but that can lead you to funneling a lot of hard-earned currency into upgrades that don’t really change up the experience too much. If you save your coins a bit and focus on unlocking the sandboard, wingsuit, and radio instead, you can dramatically change the way the game plays, and make your runs last dramatically longer.

Pick the right character for the job

Once you start unlocking characters in Alto’s Odyssey, it’s not always the best idea to play with your newest characters. Certain tasks are better suited to different characters’ skill sets, and there are even challenges focused around specific characters. Also, if you're ever in doubt of who to use for a task, you can always rely on Alto, as he’s a great all-around rider.

Save the wingsuit for when you need it

The wingsuit is a really cool item once you get it, but it’s not something you should always use right away. Especially if you’re playing with a slow character like Maya, it might be better to save your wingsuit for particularly wide chasms so you can deploy it to help you cross the gap. This isn’t always super easy to do, as your ability to use the wingsuit can fade over time, but as long as you keep doing tricks regularly off of jumps, it shouldn’t be too hard.

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