Melting Games has just announced that its extremely cool looking brand new adventure RPG, Ark Legends, is now available for pre-registration via the game’s official website.

Set on the titular land of Ark, Ark Legends tells an interweaving story of warring tribes, mystical technology, and a dangerous organization called Arquette that has the world on the edge of destruction. As the player, you’re in charge of a hero that holds important memories of the ancient world; memories that will end the evil conspiracies of the nefarious Arquette. Sadly, amnesia has struck our champion, so you’ll need to venture throughout the land of Ark, recruiting a team of worthy heroes as you go, in an effort to help the various states and rediscover the memories that will bring peace back to Ark.

Each of the 60+ heroes you’ll meet belongs to one of the six factions available in game (The Empire, Wild Willows, Holy Court, The Predator, The Alliance and Ethereans, and possesses either an advantage or disadvantage against one of the other factions. Much like elemental advantages and disadvantages, you will use these to counter the stronger opponents.

The visually stunning RPG is available for pre-registration on mobile and on PC/laptop right now, and depending on the number of players to sign up, there will be a number of rewards, including both in-game loot and real-life prizes, such as airpods and Amazon Gift Cards.

Furthermore, with the Content Creator Program players will be able to create various content for Ark Legends and receive in return exclusive in-game rewards! You can find more about this on the Ark Legends Facebook page.

If you want to learn more about Ark Legends, head on to the official website where you can also pre-register right now.

Ark Legends is also currently in Closed Beta, where eager Android players can sign up to get an early start on their Ark Legends adventure.

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