Kung Fu Rabbit to Save Baby Bunnies Soon

Posted by Rob Rich on February 22nd, 2012

Being a cute and cuddly critter must really suck. It seems like the more adorable something is, the more likely it'll be harassed by zombies or space aliens or something. In the case of Kung Fu Rabbit it's decidedly the latter. An entire village of fluffy bunny children has been abducted and it's up to the lone remaining Kung Fu master to bring them all home.

Players will jump, slide, wall-jump/slide and beat the tar out of baddies throughout 70 levels. With two different difficulty modes, no less. Carrots can be earned and spent on various accouterments, lending a bit of a personal touch to each individual's rabbit. Some will no doubt also like to know that Kung Fu Rabbit will support Airplay (720p), iCloud and the iCade.

Release details are still a bit lacking in specificity, but Kung Fu Rabbit should be making its way onto the App Store in early March. There's also no official word on a price, but it's going to be universal so at least we know

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