A Scrub's Guide to League of Legends: Wild Rift

Posted by Campbell Bird on May 5th, 2021
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I'm relatively new to League of Legends, but have played a fair amount of MOBAs in the past. Wild Rift has really captured my attention, though, and I've found myself sinking a lot of time into practicing and reading up on how to improve my game.

For anyone in a similar boat (or just new to MOBAs in general), some of the guides out there can read like a foreign language. League of Legends has existed on PC for over a decade at this point and built up its own lexicon and community that isn't always the friendliest to new players trying to familiarize themselves with the game.

In that spirit, I present: A Scrub's Guide to League of Legends: Wild Rift. This is a guide series that will chronicle my own learnings and takeaways from my time spent with the game, translated into what is hopefully helpful tips and information for others looking to do the same.