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Say No! More review

Our Review by Campbell Bird on April 9th, 2021
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Say No! More is a hilarious and thoughtful game about self-expression.

Developer: Studio Fizbin

Price: $5.99
Version: 1.0
App Reviewed on: iPad Pro

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Say No! More imagines a world where the word "no" is all but forbidden. This has allowed for workplaces to spawn into hellish dens of exploitative labor practices. If this sounds a little on the nose, that's on purpose. Say No! More is a hilarious and endearing one-button adventure that empowers you to fight back against the status quo all while acting as a thoughtful meditation on honesty and self-expression.

All work "no" play

Say No! More opens on an intern heading into their first day of work. They arrive with their best friend who gives them a packed lunch for the day, which--because of the nightmarish conditions of this internship and workplace--gets stolen almost immediately. Luckily enough, you are up to the task of taking it back thanks to a handy tool you find by your work area.

This tool is a self-help cassette tape about the power of the word "no." On it, a burly and energetic life coach teaches you how to powerfully and honestly say no to people, which begins a wild adventure that consists largely of blowing people away from their desks with force of your no's.

Is it complicated? NO!

As the player, all you have to do to say "no" to people is tap the screen. As you get further in your quest, you unlock different variations on the way to say no, plus some fun flair you can add to your negative responses, but most of the game is simply waiting for someone to ask you something before tapping to deny them.

This could easily get boring, but Say No! More avoids this thanks to its killer sense of absurd style and whip-smart writing. Your uses of "no" get so powerful you can shoot people through multiple doors or activate anime-style energy auras. All the while, a cast of well-voiced characters tell an inspired story around the difficulties of oppressively "yes-minded" workplaces between demands for you to fetch lunch or throw other people's trash away for them.

How can you say no?

Simple as its gameplay might be, Say No! More is special because it makes some of the most difficult aspects of game-making look so easy. It's genuinely funny and tells a great story that hits harder than it might otherwise because of your interactivity with the characters. It also manages to do this using a PS1-era aesthetic that adds to the game's overall absurd charm.

Say No! More isn't a terribly long game, but it doesn't feel too short by any means. Given the power of its message and relative brevity, I could actually see myself replaying this game whenever I could use a little reminder about the importance of being honest with myself and others. There are also some secrets hidden in levels that are fun to go back and seek out after completing the main story if you're worried about a lack of content.

The bottom line

Say No! More is a lovely game that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, even though it's all about telling people no. The message it shares is a valuable one to keep in mind now more than ever, and I'm so glad it's available on such a convenient platform so that everyone can enjoy it.

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