You Should Play Baba Is You on iOS

Posted by Campbell Bird on June 25th, 2021
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Baba Is You released on iOS this week, and you should probably play it. If you're unfamiliar with the 2019 puzzle game, it's ostensibly about pushing things around as a little sheep. The only catch is that some of the objects you can push around in levels just so happen to also be the words that dictate the game rules, allowing you to change their meaning at will.

The result is a puzzle game that is bursting with possibility, as you can make it so walls no longer stop your movement, give your agency of movement to a different object (or objects) entirely, or simply turn yourself into the level goal, creating an instant win condition.

I never got a chance to play Baba Is You when it initially released on PC and console, but this iOS version is basically perfect, both in terms of port quality and form factor. It's levels can stick in your brain, and it's so satisfying to be able to whip out your phone as soon as you have an epiphany on how to solve one.

From a control perspective, Baba Is You is comprised of simple four-direction movement, which you can manage easily by swiping orthogonally on your screen. If you really want to feel tactile controls while you play, the game does support keyboard controls, and you can easily use a mouse if playing on iPad to replicate that style of play if you'd like as well.

The only thing I found lacking from the mobile version of Baba Is You is iCloud support. There's seemingly no way to play on separate devices while maintaining your progress. The only saving grace of that is that the game is visually clear enough that playing exclusively on a phone rarely if ever feels like a compromised experience.

So go ahead and grab Baba Is You off the App Store dor $6.99 if you've been waiting for a more convenient way to play it. If you like puzzle games in the slightest, you'll be sure to enjoy this one.

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