Unison League developer Ateam discuss their collaboration with Evangelion in a brand new update

Posted by 148Apps Staff on August 16th, 2016
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Ateam’s Unison League was released last year, giving fans of JRPGs the chance to venture across a dangerous land, gathering friends to take on monsters in real-time battles. The game features highly customisable characters, a competitive guild system, vibrant 2D graphics as well as five different classes of hero to choose from.

This latest update gives you would-be heroes brand new content to get your thumbs racing. But it’s not just any old update. Teaming up with Evangelion, Ateam has created a package of content inspired by the hit Japanese anime.

Evangelion took 90s Japan by storm when it first hit screens. The anime series revolves around a battle between humanity and a monstrous race of beings called Angels. The quintessentially Japanese solution to the crisis? Robots, of course. More specifically, futuristic cyborgs controlled by teenage pilots. The anime spawned films, merchandise – and even influenced the world of racing. Evangelion Racing hosts tournaments across Japan in which sports cars and superbikes take to the track in competition. The vehicles, racers, even the speed queens, all have an Evangelion-inspired look.

Evangelion and Ateam are introducing a ton of new content for you to play with in this Unison League update. There’s an original plot set to unfold over two weeks, with each chapter developing the story and giving players the opportunity to unlock new items.

You’ll also be able to customise your character to look the spitting image of Evangelion protagonists Shinji, Asuka and Rei, as well as the iconic mechas Unit 01 and 02. Plus there’s a load of brand new attack animations thrown in, and a cheeky log-in bonus to unlock – Rei Ayanami in a sassy speed queen outfit.

For those new to Unison League, the games central focus is on developing a tough character with a strong guild to engage in co-operative battles. You play as an inhabitant of Granvia, a land beset by monsters. Enlisted by various NPCs, you and your guild must undertake quests to keep the bad guys back so the chibi Granvians can sleep safely in their beds. Some of the most fun to be had, however, takes place at home in PVP guild match-ups. This is where the social aspect of Unison League allows you to talk tactics, co-ordinating your equipment, abilities and classes beforehand so your guild stands the best chance of victory.

The Evangelion update is sure to be welcome news to fans of JRPGs and anime aficionados alike, and Unison League is free to download on Android and iOS.

Ateam, the developer behind Unison League, spoke with us about its collaboration with Evangelion and what we can expect to see in its upcoming update.

Which Evangelion characters can we expect to see in the game?

"Along with main characters like Shinji and Rei, you can expect to see the different Evangelion Units and several Angels. Also, character costumes will be available as cosmetic items, so you can style your player on your favorite Evangelion protagonist!"

What special abilities will they bring to the fight?

"We will see the addition of an "A.T. Field" that will block against all damage until a certain threshold is reached. We'll also see a new Unison effect called "Frenzy" that will prevent status ailments and debuffs for a set period of time, but it will also restrict the Abilities you can use while it is in effect."

What strategy tips do you recommend?

"Special Evangelion Weapons that can be obtained from Spawns will do extra damage to enemies and award more points in the collaboration event. These weapons will really help you glide through Quests and to the top of the rankings."

Can we expect to see special contests?

"There will be special event Quests added every day of the collaboration. Players will also be able to obtain Rei in a race queen outfit as a special login bonus."

Will we see any unique tactical events?

"An event Quest that can be unlocked with a special item will be available. This event Quest will award more points than regular event Quests. You can earn tons of points in this special event Quest and get to the top of the rankings to get tons of rewards!"

What was the experience like collaborating on this latest update?

"This is the first collaboration event in the global version of Unison League, and we know that our players have waited a long time for this, so we'd like to thank them for their patience and support. There will be lots of fun content in this event, so we hope it'll keep them entertained for many an hour!"

Will you be collaborating with anyone in future for more in game events?

"Yes, we are in fact making preparations for another collaboration event. We cannot share any details just yet, but keep a look out on our forums and Facebook page for teasers to come!"

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