Education is something that continues long into many people's adult lives. So many professions now require regular accreditation and studying for certain qualifications.

This is particularly true in the health care, fitness, finance, education, law and engineering fields where things change so fast that regular retraining is vital for success and promotion opportunities.

There's now an app in the form of Continuing Education Tracker which enables users to keep track of all their continuing education units easily. It tracks the specific course being undertaken, the relevant licenses and what budget is required for that time period. It's all very easy to view from one screen and it's also possible to email the information elsewhere.

It looks set to be a great way of keeping track of everything so that users can always see just how they're doing on their respective course. It could certainly prove to be a great motivational tool as well as organizational.

Continuing Education Tracker is available now for all iOS devices and is priced at $0.99.

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