A new update for The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land was released last week, making it the perfect time for you to head back to your base and take out some walkers.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s new to the game, and how to take advantage.

Stick together!

You could always create or join a guild - safety in numbers is always wise - but now there’s a better reason to do so: weekly challenges. For 300 shields, you can create your own and gather up your friends to gain rewards and have some fun.

Two brand new maps are available in the form of Terminus and Town. It’ll make a change from the usual story missions.

Log in every day

Besides having an excuse to log in each week, there are new daily quests which give you something new to do each day. Take advantage of it.

The loot you can gain from it is fairly easy, but can make all the difference during harder missions.

Recruit better survivors

A new Radio Tower can be built that can be used bring in more experienced survivors.

It’s expensive, but save your walkie talkies so you can have better folk on your team - and faster. The weak survivors you gain through the usual methods are useless in comparison.


You can now switch off gore if you like. We won’t judge, honest!

Ok, maybe a little bit.


Keep an eye out for threat signals. They’re a new addition which let you know if a certain move will trigger a walker attack.

As you know, it’s all about avoiding walker attacks!

Looking for more help? Check out our other guies to learn how to upgrade your equipment, win battles, and build a decent base.

Anything else you’ve discovered and want to share with us? Leave us a comment to let us know how you’re faring!

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