The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land guide - Tips and tricks for upgrading your equipment

Posted by Jennifer Allen on November 8th, 2015
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Going into battle with the best weapons and armor is an important part of dictating whether or not you survive in The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land.

We’ve got some great tips and tricks to help ensure you’re on the right path when it comes to equipment upgrades.

Be prepared

Your workshop level dictates how much you can accomplish when it comes to weapon and armor boosts. Make sure it’s regularly upgraded.

In conjunction with that, keep your council building upgraded too as that affects the maximum level your workshop can reach.

Basic tips

Keep your upgrading balanced. Focus on a few survivors and their equipment and don’t worry about upgrading those you hardly use. It’s a waste of resources with no gain to speak of.

Prioritise upgrading weapons that have many different perks, those with a high level limit, and the rare stuff.

Try to always have an upgrade in the works at all times and try to be patient, rather than skip ahead using your precious premium currency.

Scrap equipment you don’t need as well, as you can use those resources to upgrade the good stuff.

Different types

Each weapon type works for a different character class and is good in different situations so try to keep your team balanced.

Assault types use automatic weapons that are good in a crowd, Bruisers use blunt weapons for stunning enemies, Hunters use rifles for long range but noisy damage, Scouts use sneak attacks via their trusty knives, Shooters use pistol for great aim, andWarriors can take out several enemies with their sword.


Each weapon offers perks as you upgrade it.

For instance, the butterfly knife offers a 20% increase in critical damage at level two, with additional perks unlocking at regular points. Plan your upgrade path accordingly.

Don’t forget armor though, as these have perks too. They’re offer health boosts or help you take less damage.

Perks can make all the difference in battle, but you want to make sure you’re upgrading your weapons and armor at a similar rate. There’s no point being able to inflict lots of damage if one blow will take you out because of poor armor.

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Have any of these tips helped you upgrade your equipment? Got any tips for us? Drop them in the comments below!

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