The nominations have been decided for The Pocket Gamer Awards 2022, and it's time for the gaming public to vote on which games deserve this year's honours. There are over 20 categories to vote in this year and plenty of options to choose from.

Whilst not content to just hand out the award for Best RPG or Best Shooter, Pocket Gamer has dug down to truly acknowledge every facet of gaming. and Mr. Traffic will be fighting it out to claim Best Pick Up and Play Game, while Moonlighter and Spiritfarer are contending for the Best Netflix Games title.

As interesting as it is to see if Rocket League Sideswipe will claim Best Sports Game, Pocket Gamer knows that gaming isn't just about the gameplay, it's a whole world besides. Best Community Tool will honor that resource we can’t be without, and Best Community is spotlighting all those welcoming players who make gaming such a joyous activity.

Of course, we still need to settle the big scores, so Mobile Game of the Year will be pitting 20 heavy hitters against each other to claim the heaviest crown of them all. Lost Light arrived to a lot of fanfare and acclaim, but can it beat that roguelike wonder of weirdness that is M. Duck?

Voting has already commenced for all categories and will last through the end of November. After the votes are counted, the winners will be announced on December 5th, along with the latest inductee into the Pocket Gamer Hall Of Fame, as determined by the editorial team. This honours games that have made an undeniable impact on the landscape of mobile gaming.

To get involved, visit the official Pocket Gamer Awards 2022 website to read the process, and then start voting to make sure that the most worthy titles claim the glory.

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