Travelling the cosmos and protecting the universe can be a bit daunting, so luckily HoYoverse has scheduled some time at a recently renovated vacation spot for the astral crew in Honkai Star Rail. Version 2.0, If One Dreams At Midnight, will also open its doors to three new recruits when it drops February 6th.

After exploring the stars, your crew receive an invitation in the name of The Family to partake in the Charmony Festival on Penacony, once a prison run by the IPC, now a holiday resort presided over by The Family and host to a gigantic hotel named The Reverie, a hotspot for travellers the world over.

When you reach this destination you can utilise the Dreampool, allowing you to explore Dreamscapes, starting with The Golden Hour, a place of never-ending celebration. As you frolic in this wonderland you will encounter the Dream’s Eye which uses visual illusions to open new exploration paths. Future stories will also unlock the Dreamwalk ability, allowing players to walk on walls and ceilings and unleash their inner Spider-Man.

Explore this mysterious new realm with three new characters, starting with the five-star Black Swan who can impart the Arcana DoT through Basic ATKs and Skills which will allow additional effects based on accumulated stats. Our next five-star, Sparkle, can use their Ultimate to restore multiple Skill Points to pump out those greedy attacks. This also helps out our last recruit, the local Misha who is a four-star whose Ultimate deals more damage in relation to how many Skill Points have been used in a fight.

On top of all this dreamlike fun, HoYoverse has also implemented a host of system optimizations. Fate’s Atlas will allow Trailblazers to document planet events in chronological order for the lore divers. Relics have also undergone an overhaul, with character set recommendations, an easier marking, discard and salvaging system, and the ability to insert materials while upgrading a more easily level to a specific level.

Honkai: Star Rail is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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