In what feels like mere hours since its release, Capcom's new RPG battler Street Fighter Duel has kicked off its first collaboration. Two iconic franchises collide as Monster Hunter crashes into Duel, bringing a new fighter and events.

Before many players would have been able to get to grips with the world of Duel, or level themselves up a party, it is time to throw things into immediate chaos and introduce some newness to the new. Interestingly skewing Ryu, this event will spotlight Ken as he leads the battle against the dreaded Gore Magala.

Having kitted himself out in classic Monster Hunter Style, players will be able to recruit the limited edition Gore Magala Ken, a fearsome fighter capable of inflicting giant single-target and AOE damage, and will fit perfectly in an Infernal King team. He is a Balanced fighter type with a Savage fighting style, giving 25 more ATK to make him even stronger.

Before you challenge this challenging fiend, make sure you get some grub from the Wycademy Assist mechanic, granting you buffs before the battle. When battling the Gore Magala you will be able to target three separate parts; wings, claws, and head. You will get items depending on the damage dealt to each which can be traded for a special Avatar Frame, fighters, and Arcade Coins.

When you challenge the Gore Magala, different fighter factions will have their own unique benefits such as taking less damage when challenging a certain part, so you will need to make sure you have the correct characters in your team, not that everyone will have a deep pool to choose from, given that Duel only just recently released.

Whilst it makes sense the developers would want to use a big series to bring in players, Street Fighter is a big series itself, so why not let Duel stand on its own for a month or two so players can learn the mechanics, and then throw in events that revolve around them? A semi-troubling thought.

If you want a trial by fire with this early collab, download Street Fighter Duel now from the App Store and Google Play.

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