Steam Link Spotlight - The Banner Saga 3

Posted by Campbell Bird on September 5th, 2019
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Steam Link Spotlight is a new feature where we take a look at PC games that play exceptionally well using the Steam Link app. Our last entry talked about Terry Cavanaugh’s incredible Dicey Dungeons. Read about how it’s a great mobile experience over here.

This week, I want to focus on a game that already has previous entries on iOS. The Banner Saga series is no stranger to touchscreens, but The Banner Saga 3 hasn’t quite made its way to mobile yet. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wait for it to hit the App Store, though. It already plays perfectly on Steam Link.

For those unfamiliar with the series, The Banner Saga is a trilogy of turn-based strategy games steeped in Norse mythology full of Eyvind Earle-style visuals. As striking as these games look, they also stand out through their focus on narrative and dialogue choice, where decisions you make can affect the overall game plot as well as how individual fights play out.

The tactical combat in this game isn’t especially complicated to control, which is probably why the first two games in the series made the jump to iOS already. What’s surprising is that playing The Banner Saga 3 using Steam Link, the experience is practically identical to playing either of the first two mobile versions. The only real difference is that you’ll see a cursor floating around the screen, which isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

If you haven’t already played the first two games in The Banner Saga series, do yourself a favor and rectify that immediately. If by the time you finish them The Banner Saga 3 still isn’t out on iOS, you don’t have to wait. Just fire up the Steam Link app and enjoy.

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