Reflex Unit 2 brings intense PvP battles in futuristic mechs to iOS and Android

Posted by 148Apps Staff on March 26th, 2020
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Reflex Unit 2 will see players engaging in mech-based warfare, fending off waves and waves of autonomous robots that are threatening to destroy the planet. It's available now for iOS and Android.

Played from an isometric perspective, players will be able to take these powerful mechs out for a test drive in a variety of game modes, depending on their penchant for either solo or multiplayer fun. The single player campaign takes place over 9 missions with additional difficulties to unlock upon completion. There's also a co-op Campaign if you want to tackle these missions with another person

The multiplayer looks to be where a huge amount of enjoyment will stem from though. Firstly, there is a team deathmatch style Versus Mode where up to 4 players will look to destroy each other to claim the top spot.

This mode, and all others, will also support cross-play with the VR version of Reflex Unit 2, so you'll hop into matches much quicker thanks to a bigger player base.

The second of the multiplayer modes is called Survival. This is effectively a mini battle royale where up to four players will fight it out to be the remaining person alive. The game starts with each player controlling a weak soldier needing to scavenge for mech parts to increase their power and therefore chances of winning.

There will be multiple playstyles for commanders to discover with all-out aggression or a silent, stealthy approach both being viable. There's an array of offensive and defensive attachments for weapons too, with each having a secondary mode.

This could be homing missiles or plasma grenades in a damage focused setup whilst there are shields and cloaking devices for those who prefer a more passive approach.

If you're interested in some mech battling fun, Reflex Unit 2 is available for free now on the App Store and Google Play. You can also download an ad-free premium version for $3.99 on iOS and Android.

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