Top 5 upcoming shooters like PUBG Mobile

Posted by Nitisha Upadhye on September 14th, 2021

Undoubtedly, PUBG Mobile is one of the top battle royale shooters of all time on mobile. Ever since PUBG was launched on mobile, battle royale games have seen good days. COD Mobile, Free Fire, and Fortnite are equally big names.

Arguably, battle royale and FPS is a very saturated genre. However, this year and 2022 might see a lot of new titles making their way to the shooter category. Some of them might blow up enough to give even PUBG Mobile a run for its money.

5 best upcoming games like PUBG Mobile

1. PUBG New State

Krafton has already rolled out pre-registrations for PUBG New State and the official launch is not far away. Set in 2051, PUBG New State has a more urban setting. The futuristic game will have new features like drone drops, electric cars, motorcycles, and also trams. A series of trailers have been released by the developers explaining the story, features, maps, and more.

2. Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends is already a big deal for PC gamers. With its unique ‘ping’ system and a wide range of characters, Apex Legends is already a hit. The stunning graphics and gameplay only add to the glory. A mobile version of the game is in making and pre-registrations for Apex Legends Mobile have already started. We can expect the game to release in late 2021 or early 2022.

3. Farlight 84

Farlight 84 is a rather unique game that looks like dystopian Fortnite. Instead of dropping from a plane or a flying bus, players are released onto the island via flying capsules. The game is filled with jetpacks, futuristic guns, and zomborgs. Early access for Farlight 84 is now available, which means that the official launch shouldn't be far away.

4. Valorant Mobile

Valorant managed to gain a huge fan base in a very short time. In fact, the game gained so much popularity that it entered the esports scene rather quickly. The Valorant developers announced that a mobile version was in development. So far, Valorant Mobile has simply been confirmed with no trailers, sneak peeks, or further announcements beyond that initial announcement. We can expect the game to launch in 2022.

5. Free Fire Max

Garena Free Fire Max is a ramped-up, larger, and improved version of Garena Free Fire. The developers have promised better graphics, new stuff, and a more immersive experience. Pre-registrations for Free Fire Max have already started and players who sign up might get some cool rewards once the game launches.

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