S-Game has kicked off its first Closed Beta Test for Phantom Blade: Executioners, inviting a selected few to get first dibs on the upcoming KungFuPunk action RPG on mobile. The CBT officially begins this January 28th, and beta testers will receive cool in-game goodies as a thank-you for participating.

Phantom Blade: Executioners lets players experience hardcore action with full-color animation cutscenes that blend dark fantasy with Chinese kungfu. The noir storyline involves deep conspiracies that can decide the fate of the world, as well as a mysterious body mod that seemingly requires sacrificing your humanity to acquire. You'll play as a member of "The Organization" in a world populated by kungfu masters.

With his red cloak and his signature white hair, Soul is the youngest Nether Envoy of the Organization. Meanwhile, Mu Xiaokui is his childhood friend and is the daughter of the creator of the Organization. Both characters will be playable during the CBT, where players will have to rely on their combo-chaining skills (with no auto-combat option) to defeat their foes. Players will also collect Phantoms to augment their weapons for special combat bonuses like enhanced firepower or healing abilities.

To thank testers during the Closed Beta Test, Phantom Blade: Executioners will offer them a limited edition in-game costume when the game officially launches. Character progress will be wiped, but accounts will remain after the test. If you’d like to join the CBT then make sure to check out Phantom Blade: Executioners’ official Twitter and Facebook page to find out how.

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