UPDATE: The official Twitter app has now appeared in the App Store and is available here.

New features include:

Reorganized search
Search all tweets and find local users as well as view Top Tweets and Browse Suggested users.

No account needed
You can now browse Twitter without an account using this app. You will still need to sign up in order to actually tweet.

In-app sign-up
If you're not a Twitter user already you can sign-up for an account within the application.

Multiple accounts
Second accounts can be added using the Accounts and Settings button under the More tab.

Popular actions
Retweet and other popular actions have been given more prominence

Refined GUI
Tweets now look more like Twitter.com

We're playing with this app right now and will have more details for you soon.

Original Post
After Twitter acquired Atebits, the developer of Tweetie for iPhone, in April this year, many were expecting an official Twitter app to be launched soon after. It appears that day has now come with the disappearance of Tweetie from the App Store and a number of rumors across the web of the official app popping up and then vanishing on iTunes. Most expect the app to be simply called “Twitter” and be offered for free rather than the $2.99 of Tweetie 2.

Twitter launched its official Android app at the start of this month, so it makes sense that an iPhone offering should follow. No details as to the design of the app have been released however, given the short time between acquisition and launch, we would expect the new app to retain many of the features found in Tweetie.

We’ll be scouring the App Store and, of course, Twitter for any news and will bring it to you as soon as we have it. We did and we have.

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