Hot on the heels of Bouncy Hoops, Noodlecake's latest release, comes Flipping Legend. The prolific indie publisher is hard at work this month it seems with two new games out this month.

Developed by Hiding Spot Games, Flipping Legend is an arcade platformer at first glance, but features some deeper skill trees and customization options beneath the surface.

Players tap on the left or right corners of the screen to drive their character forward across diagonal tiles, although you can also jump backwards to the previous tile if need be. As you progress ever-onward your health bar steadily decreases. The only way to fill it back up, as you attempt to make it as far across the board as possible, is by jumping on top of enemies.

As you progress, you'll be able to level up your character and learn new abilities that will make the process easier, adding a fun layer of depth to what is otherwise another endless runner.

You'll be able to try Flipping Legend for yourself on both iOS and Android on June 14.

Are you a fan of Noodlecake Games? Are you going to give this game a try? Let us know in the comments.

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