How to get every item in Miitomo Drop

Posted by Matt Suckley on April 21st, 2016
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There's more than a hefty slice of luck involved in Miitomo Drop, the Pachinko-style mini game through which you can earn exclusive clothing items in Miitomo.

It's not totally random, however, and there are certain ways in which you can increase your chances of success.

Just don't go in blind. Instead, read 148Apps's handy guideto getting what you want out of Miitomo Drop.

Hoard game tickets

The flow of game tickets slows to a trickle after the first few days of Miitomo, but you can still pick up one every few days as a daily reward.

Keep logging in, and hold off on using them until you've got a decent stash. Then, rather than haphazardly playing one every few days, use all of your tickets together.

This way, you'll be able to use the first few attempts to assess the playing field.

Use coins

Remember you can also use coins to play Miitomo Drop, so follow the tips in our previous guide to gather as many as you can if you're serious about winning big.

But be warned, at 500 a pop it's a very easy way to spend all your coins and have nothing to show for it.

Note trajectory

The most important thing - more important than drop position, I'd say - is the angle of the Mii when you hit Drop.

In most cases, trying to drop as straight as possible is the best idea, as it minimises the extent to which you bounce off surfaces and makes your descent more predictable.

One particularly easy (and cool) prize you can get using this technique is the katana from Ninja Stars [A], which you can predictably earn by simply staying in the centre and dropping as straight as possible.

The Mii should then land on its feet at the first barrier, fall down past the prize, and bounce back up to land on the platform and claim it.

Not all are so simple, but with these fundamentals and a healthy dose of good fortune, you can't go far wrong.

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Has Matt helped you get more items in Miitomo Drop? Or does he not have a clue what he's talking about? Let us know in the comments below!

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