How to get Miitomo coins in Miitomo

Posted by Matt Suckley on April 6th, 2016
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Miitomo may not be a game, but there are still things to achieve and collect in it.

The obvious example is Miitomo coins, which can be used to style your Mii in fresh new outfits. But how should you go about getting them?

While there's no real trick to it, there are a few simple ways in which you can alter the way you play and interact with others to increase the number of Miitomo coins you receive.

And so we, generous as we are, have run down a few of them here for you.

Stick around

For the first seven days after installing Miitomo, every daily login yields 500 coins - so make sure you check in once a day to claim them.

This reduces after the week is up, but a daily login reward system remains in place. It only takes a few seconds each day, and the rewards can be great.

Be social

You know that question you couldn't think of a witty enough answer for? Type something regardless. That friend's answer you didn't particularly care about? Comment on it.

Not only will it contribute to your Popularity Level (which we'll cover in another guide), but people will like it.

Little will they know, however, the avaricious intent behind it.

Indeed, simply answering questions - as well as reading and commenting upon other people's - rewards you with coins.

Alas, there is a cap on coin rewards for each day to prevent you from greedily scrolling for hours on end, but it's at least worth continuing until you see it dry up.

Use game tickets

While you can't win Miitomo coins with game tickets, you can win exclusive outfits - thus saving you the cost of buying other clothes using coins.

If you check your Gift Box in the menu (which you should be checking regularly for your coin rewards anyway) you'll often find you've accrued a few free game tickets.

Enter the Pachinko-style game, see which prizes tempt you most, and try your luck!

Spend if you want

This may seem obvious, but Miitomo's monetisation is so well hidden that you might not even realise you can pay for extra coins if needed.

Bundles ranging from £0.79 / $0.99 to £54.99 / $74.99 are available when you tap the coin icon in the Miitomo Shop.

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Has Matt helped you gather more Miitomo coins? Or do you simply loathe the ground he walks on now? Let us know in the comments below!

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