How the Leafythings app is helping to connect Canada’s cannabis users with providers nationwide

Posted by 148Apps Staff on December 16th, 2020
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When Canada legalised cannabis in 2018, tons of entrepreneurs leapt at the chance to enter this newly legitimised industry – from boutique, backroom growers to factory-sized franchises. Not to forget all the ancillary businesses popping up to make the magic happen, including packaging companies, marketers, couriers and so on. The market for legal cannabis in Canada was valued at CAD$1 billion in 2019, and is projected to climb beyond the CAD$4-billion mark in 2021.

All good news for pot lovers, then. But in this complex, emerging marketplace, knowing where to find just what you want can prove tricky. That goes for both ends of the supply chain, whether you’re buying, selling, or both. Enter stage right: Leafythings.

Now available for free on iOS and Android, Leafythings is an app that seeks to be your one-stop shop for all things pot in Canada. Enjoy up-to-date information about anything and everything cannabis-related.

It features starred reviews for products, delivery services, doctors, dispensaries and more (so no more pot-luck). It connects medicinal and recreational users with verified, licensed providers. It even explains – in plain English – Canada’s cannabis laws, including how to go about getting licensed as a grower or seller.

On the latter point: if you’re a retailer, you can easily use the platform to market your products or services directly to the rest of us, without the eye-watering sums or hugely competitive auctions found on many directories.

But it’s more than just a marketplace app – it’s an educational tool. There are compendious details on every strain under the heat lamp; beginner tips and tricks, whether you’re wondering how to keep weed fresh or how to smoke regularly without burning through your money; and recommendations for the best products for what ails you. First-time rollers and veteran Cheech and Chongs alike are sure to learn something new.

The app is a natural extension of the Leafythings website, which was established in 2019 as an online directory empowering and connecting Canada’s cannabis users and businesses. As the country’s cannabis offerings grow ever greater – like some sort of supersized sativa – it’s good to have a comprehensive resource right at your fingertips, helping you to see the weed for the trees.

Leafythings app is available to download for the Canadian market for free from Google Play or the App Store now.

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