Facebook's hit MMORPG, League of Angels, has been given a mobile makeover in kind-of sequel, Fire Raiders, which contains all the hero and angel collecting, PvE and PvP battling, and combat strategizing you can now expect from the franchise.

While League of Angels - Fire Raiders remains faithful to the Facebook original, it's very much its own game, as David Johansson, Creative Director at GTArcade, was keen to point out.

We spoke to Johansson about the challenges of adapting League of Angels for mobile, what's changed in the sequel, and his and your thoughts on how it plays on mobile.

What challenges were associated with bringing League of Angels to mobile?

Being our first mobile game, the entire process was a learning experience. One of the main challenges was finding ways to take the great League of Angels lore and find a way to make it accessible to mobile players. We really had to start from scratch but this ended up benefiting the game in the long run.

How does the game differ from the browser version?

Countless ways! Though most characters from the browser version can be found in Fire Raiders, we completely overhauled their design to make the game more suited for mobile. We wanted to make the game more interactive so most of the gameplay modes have been changed in the mobile version to achieve this.

For example, Hero and Angel skills are now triggered manually, allowing players to play a more crucial part in every battle. My favorite difference is that we gave the many Heroes and Angels in the mobile version their own unique character voices. I think this adds a lot to the feel of the game and brings the characters to life, creating a more immersive gaming experience.

Which is your favourite way to play - on your browser, mobile, or tablet?

Personally, I prefer the experience of playing games on an iPad. Not only is the performance excellent, but it’s also very nice to have a larger screen to play with during battles. But the game also plays excellently on phones.

How have fans of the Facebook version taken to the mobile version?

So far the response has been great. People are really liking the overhauled design and ability to trigger Hero and Angel skills manually. Some people are a little disappointed that this is a sequel and not just a mobile version of the browser game, but that usually gives way once they have spent a little time playing Fire Raiders. Most players realize it for what it is, a completely separate game, based on the same League of Angels world.

League of Angels - Fire Raiders is out now in the App Store [download] and Google Play [download].

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