Globesweeper puts a 3D spin on the classic puzzler Minesweeper

Posted by 148Apps Staff on April 4th, 2019
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Long before Minecraft came along to take the crown of 'most played' game, there was another goliath PC game with 'Mine' in its title which held that distinction - Minesweeper.

Those with long memories of dial-up broadband and insanely heavy cathode-ray monitors will no doubt fondly remember the popular puzzle game, and will be pleased to hear that its just been revamped with the launch of Globesweeper.

Globesweeper is an entirely three dimensional take on the original game, applying Minesweeper's grid-based format to an array of spheres and cubes which you can click, rotate, and solve in space. It also adds two extra grid modes (hexagonal and triangle) to accompany the original square style. Other than that Globesweeper pretty much stays true to Minesweeper's puzzle formula - having you uncover squares to reveal numbers and (hopefully) avoid mines.

Players have the freedom to select the size and difficulty of the puzzle they wish to tackle, with four different difficulty levels and five world sizes to choose from, so the scale of the game fits to whatever you suits you at the time. There are achievements to aim for too, as well as in-game trackers so you can see just how you stack up.

Developer Incandescent Games have taken the extra step of adding in some cool themes to unlock , such as Mars, Earth, and Venus textures for your puzzles. They've also added in a "Guaranteed Solvable" mode for those that are struggling, and hate having to resort to guess work.

If you're on the lookout for a new puzzle game to get addicted to, then Globesweeper is definitely worth checking out. It's available to download right now on from the App Store, Google Play, and Steam.

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