Gigantic X guide - What you need to know about the 1.1.0 update

Posted by Campbell Bird on August 9th, 2019
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Gigantic X continues to inspire loot lust over here at 148Apps, particularly because the game has already been updated just in its second week of release.

Unfortunately, this 1.1.0 patch doesn’t bring a whole ton of new goodies with it, but it does bring some changes to the game itself, most of which are pretty welcome. See below for details:

Log-in event

One thing that’s in most live games, but has been missing from Gigantic X, is finally here. Daily log-ins are now a thing, and the rewards for them are nothing to sneeze at.

Until August 9, logging in daily can get you some weapon crates that drop tier 4 or 5 weapons, plus credits and crona. These rewards are surprisingly generous given that all you have to do to get them is open the game.

Training and rookie missions are easier

One of the more welcome changes to Gigantic X in this update is that missions that are supposed to help new players learn the game are easier. As a bonus, they also give out better rewards.

Training missions in particular are the ones to pay attention to. Enemy damage in these missions have been cut in half, and the gear rewards are a tier higher across the board. This makes it so there’s never been a better time to start playing the game. When not in training mode, the game’s initial difficulty, rookie, has also been tweaked to be friendler for new players.

Back-to-back Underworld events

Pre patch, there was nothing more frustrating than booting Gigantic X and seeing that two of the three game’s modes were between events, rendering them unplayable. This is still true of the game’s Frontline mode, but not so with Underworld.

There is now no wait between Underworld events, which ensures you’ll almost always have something to do in Gigantic X, even if you don’t have a full stamina meter.

Quality-of-life improvements, and one bummer

Most of Gigantic X’s 1.1.0 update is concerned with squashing bugs and making slight tweaks. Small as they are, though, some of these changes make the game a much better experience than it was before, while one also makes the experience worse.

The most significant positive changes involve tool tips that explain what certain items are and what they’re for and a bug fix that allows people to see your gear properly in multiplayer lobbies.

The one negative change is with regard to Megacorp Passes. These passes give you missions to complete in exchange for gear, and you used to be able to refresh these missions by watching ads. Now, that option is no longer available and you have to pay crona to refresh missions, which is not a good value. The patch notes explain that this change is meant to be temporary, but for now, it definitely limits the utility of playing Megacorp Missions for the forseeable future.

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