Genshin Impact Guide - How to beat Primo Geovishap

Posted by Campbell Bird on February 8th, 2021
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With the 1.3 update to Genshin Impact, another world boss has made its way into Teyvat. The Primo Geovishap is a hulking beast that has some unique tricks up its sleeve. Read on below to get the full picture of this new boss and how you can make sure you're in fighting shape to defeat it.

Why fight it?

Before diving into tips on how to defeat the Primo Geovishap, let's talk about why you might want to take it on. The only unique item that the Primo Geovishap drops is Juvenile Jade, which is a required item for ascending Xiao, the latest character added to Genshin Impact.

If you don't have Xiao, the Primo Geovishap also drops a grab-bag of general ascension materials plus some artifacts. These are all things you could get from other world bosses, but if you're not sure who you might want to upgrade next or simply want a different way to grind these materials out, the Primo Geovishap is worth taking on.

Bring shields

Every world boss in Genshin Impact has a little trick that makes the fight a little easier. With the Primo Geovishap, that trick is shields. At various points throughout the fight, there's a powerful attack that shields are actually capable of reflecting back at the boss, with massive bonus damage granted if the shield used matches the element of the attack.

Up until this point in the game, most fights revolve around simply having high damage output, but given this hulking Geovishap's power and endurance, you need to make sure you can last long enough to strike the killing blow. Zhongli is definitely the best choice as your shield-bearer, but four-star characters like Diona, Noelle, and even Beidou can now be huge difference-makers in this boss fight.


The Primo Geovishap is a tanky boss thanks to its scaly exterior. Hits on this boss will do less damage than they will on just about any other boss, and this is especially true for geo attacks, physical damage, and whatever element the Geovishap has adopted for its attacks.

To make sure you can put out some formidable damage, make sure you bring a diversified team, or otherwise bring Anemo damage dealers. It doesn't seem like the Primo Geovishap can ever appear in Anemo form, so it will never have special protections against wind attacks.

Make sure you move

If you're up close and personal with the Primo Geovishap for a lot of the fight, either you have some incredible shield strength or are planning to fail. This boss has a ton of powerful attacks that are tough to dodge at close range, so if you have a bow or catalyst adventurer that can do some kiting for part of the fight, that is definitely recommended.

You can do just fine with melee characters, too, just be aware that it might be best to dash in, do some heavy hitting attacks, and dash out to avoid being in prime striking distance for too long. The fighting area for the Primo Geovishap is pretty sizeable, so this should be easy enough to do.

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