Dead by Daylight Mobile is out now on iOS and Android, letting players experience the horrific thrill of the asymmetrical 4 vs 1 multiplayer title with a host of improvements and new content from the core PC and Console version. With over a million pre-registrations, the game offers a special launch event as well with its Sadako Rising collaboration running until March 28th.

In Dead by Daylight Mobile, players engage in a fatal game of hide and seek with a twist - they'll have to make it out unscathed as one of four Survivors with a Killer on the loose, or be the ruthless Killer themselves. The mobile version boasts graphical updates, quality-of-life features, realistic hair and clothing physics, the much-requested pre-game lobby, and exclusive Memento Mori animations for Killers within the new Platinum Tier.

In addition, the brand new season pass The Rift (which will last for two months) lets players earn special in-game goodies like cool cosmetics and currencies. For those with a bit of a competitive streak, they can try their hand at topping the Seasonal Leaderboards. Plus, the new Relic system (which is also exclusive to mobile) will put more cosmetics up for grabs as players collect Relic Shards and upgrade them to score these aesthetic goodies.

As icing on the cake, the game is also running a Dead by Daylight Mobile X Sadako Rising collaboration event from March 15th to March 28th. The malevolent spirit from the hit Japanese horror novel Ringu will join the fray as a Killer that can teleport via TVs to go for an instant kill, while Yoichi Asakawa from the series will be a new Survivor that can stun Killers and boost the movement speed of Survivors. He can also support allies that have been injured.

Players can also nab the exclusive Sadako and Yoichi Asakawa Outfits, the “Sleeping Blossom” and “Paranormal Investigator”. Plus, completing tasks can reward them with the [Portrait] The Onryō, Portrait Frame: The Onryō, Sadako Crossover Torso and more.

Just one day on from its global launch, Dead by Daylight Mobile is currently the most downloaded game in the iOS App Store charts in over 38 different regions, including US, UK, Germany, and Italy. So, if you'd like to join the millions of fans already playing, be sure to download Dead by Daylight Mobile from the official website, iOS App Store or the Google Play Store to give it a go!

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