Project Winter was a highly rated multiplayer game released on Steam in 2019. It was available to play on Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X, and Series S.

The launch date for Project Winter, a mobile multiplayer social action game by Boltrend Games, has been revealed. On August 31st, 2022, the game will be available internationally on iOS and Android.

The announcement was made with Boltrend Games releasing a trailer for the game. Pre-registration on Google Play and the App Store has begun for fans eagerly waiting for launch.

You can watch the trailer here on YouTube.

Similar to the massively popular game Among Us, Project Winter Mobile is a social deduction game. It involves eight players, who can choose to play as survivors or traitors in this multiplayer game. While the traitors attempt to sabotage and kill them, the survivors will need to stay alive and flee the woods.

The trailer provides a good insight into the game’s setting as the publishers describe it as “a game about collaboration and betrayal, survival or death.”

It will test the coordination and communication among the players. Through the course of the game, survivors will be required to explore the map in search of building materials. Repairing and building new items are essential for survival.

At the same time, traitors will be disguised as survivors in order to infiltrate the team. Hatches can be used by traitors to get to various places on the map without being discovered. In order to eliminate or hinder the survivors, they can also use traps, poison, or other weapons.

The remaining survivors will also need to identify the traitor. Hence, traitors will try whatever possible to establish their innocence. In order to set the survivors against one another, they might as well lie.

Although pre-registration is in process, there hasn’t been any indication of pre-registration rewards after the global launch.

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