Among Us! Imposter Guide - How to be a sneaky killing machine

Posted by Campbell Bird on September 16th, 2020
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Among Us! continues to be getting a lot of play in these parts, and since our first guide we've learned a thing or two about the game. This is especially true regarding the imposter role, as its a relatively rare opportunity that we've now put enough time into to understand how to win consistently in this sneaky role.

Check out our top tips below, and see if it helps your own Among Us! game.

Tell on yourself

The core of imposter play revolves around killing crew mates and getting away with it. To help you with this, the crew you play with has precious little information about who gets killed when, and instead has to rely on finding and reporting bodies or calling emergency meetings to see who--if anyone--has been murdered.

You can use this lack of information to your advantage by reporting your own kills to the crew. As long as no one witnessed the kill (which would be a huge, game-ending problem), it's likely your crew mates will buy that you just stumbled upon the body, as opposed to being the culprit. Just make sure you don't report every body, otherwise you'll come off as pretty suspicious. Restraint is your friend here.

Kill in corners

Whenever possible, try to score a kill when someone is doing an out-of-the-way task. Things like the wiring at the top of the weapons room or the trash chute in the storage room on the default map are areas that aren't super well traveled, meaning it might take a while for anyone to discover your victims, if at all. With a little luck, you might even be able to rack up another kill before anyone calls a meeting or discovers them.

On the flip side of this, there are certainly places you want to avoid killing folks. The admin room is so well traveled and tends to always assign lots of people tasks there, which makes it a risky place to kill. Similarly, the reactor room can be dicey as it holds a few tasks and can be a place where people gather in anticipation of a sabotage crisis.

Save the suspicious ones

You might think it best to kill crew members whenever the opportunity presents itself, but that is not always the best decision. This is doubly true if your potential victim has already done or said anything suspicious over the course of the match and crew mates are wary of them. By the end of the match, your goal should be to have the people who trust each other the least left alive.

This might mean exercising some patience or casting some doubt on others yourself. The only exception to this is if your game of Among Us! has a clear leader that everyone trusts. If you get this sense, killing them can also send the rest of the group into chaos, which also makes your job easier.

Go with the flow

If you're playing a game with multiple imposters, it can be easy to think of those fellow killing machines as team mates, but this isn't exactly true. Obviously, you can vouch for each other in vote sessions and potentially orchestrate multi-kills, but there is no reason to actually maintain loyalty to your fellow imposters. In fact, it's a mistake.

Consistently coming to a particular person's defense and declining to vote for them is extremely suspect behavior, and can out both you and your fellow imposter easily. Instead, it's far better to go with your group if they successfully identified an imposter to keep your cover. A single imposter is definitely capable of winning a match of Among Us!, and with the other tips listed above, the crew mates you're playing with should be worried.

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