Age of Origins’ latest update is providing fans with new ways to boost their Titans with the introduction of Titan Equipment. What’s more, players will be able to obtain this new equipment-type for free through its upcoming events, and they’ll also receive a third Drillmaster-type Officer.

Veteran players will already be familiar with just how significant a role Titans play in the strategy RPG, providing significant buffs to troops and dealing tremendous amounts of damage to opponents. Whilst Titan upgrades have been relatively limited so far, with tier, skill, and skin upgrades being the key means of boosting their abilities, the introduction of Titan Equipment now adds an extra component, and even more reason to level up your Titans as much as possible.

Titan Equipment

Each piece of Titan Equipment has four Components and an Awakening Skill and, like the skin upgrades, its own unique design. There are currently three equipment pieces for each Titan, with the Source Spirit able to obtain Weapon, Pauldrons, and Core pieces, whilst the Empress will receive Crown, Greaves, and Tail pieces. Each piece that you collect and equip will give Titans, Biochemical Zombies, and regular troops a wide range of buffs that will greatly enhance their effectiveness on the battlefield.

To unlock the new equipment-type, you’ll first need to evolve your Titans to specific tiers through a combination of Titan Equipment Chips and Titan Equipment Alloys. Once the required level has been met and the equipment piece received, you’ll also be able to upgrade its Components in order to maximise its potential. After the total level of the four Components reaches a specific value, you’ll be able to activate the Equipment's Awakening Skill. Once that’s been achieved, you can take advantage of those powerful Stat Bonuses and watch your upgraded Titans reap havoc upon your enemies.

Drillmaster Simon

Aside from Titan Equipment, Age of Origins has also received its third Drillmaster-type with the introduction of Simon - a Commander with an excellent reputation in the Nation who’s been biomechanically enhanced after suffering severe injuries during the Zombie Outbreak.

Like his fellow Drillmaster peers, Simon boasts a number of special abilities that’ll make him a huge asset during battle, including: an Open Fire Base Skill (Troops Attack +50% in the first 20 seconds of battle), a 2-Star Intensive Medical Training Skill, a 3-Star Mid-Range Weaken Skill, and a Long-Range Weaken Breakthrough Skill.

Age of Origins’ Island gameplay is also being given a boost with the launch of a series of new Decorations: The Movie Theater, the Water Park, the Livehouse, and the Dining Car. These Decorations can increase the players' battle power or defence and are a must-have for Commanders who are trying to protect the last safe haven on earth.

Age of Origins is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases and is available to download for iOS and Android via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Those that download and play before 29th August can redeem the code "148APP2207" for some useful in-game items to get started.

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