We're up to the second to last part of our round-up of all of the amazing games that came out for iPhone and iPad over the last 12 months. That's right, these are the top five games that came out on the App Store in November 2018. And there are some real gems on this one, believe you us.

If you've not managed to check out any of the other entries in our massive list of the best games that came out this year, you can do that by clicking this link right here. Have you played them all? Do you think we've missed something out? Then be sure to let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the article.

And make sure you come back tomorrow to discover which games that came out in December have snuck into contention as the year winds down. And then come back in 2019 when we'll be covering all the best games for the whole darn year.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance

- download for iOS

If you were trying to get someone to like tower defence games, then you'd probably use the Kingdom Rush series. This newest entry is every bit as good as all the others - it plays around with the shape of the genre, adds in a bunch of great ideas, and gives you more control than pretty much every other game you could give the same label to. In short, Kingdom Rush Vengeance is ace.

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Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders 2

- download for iOS

Somehow, the App Store has become one of the best places to find flight sims. This one is set in World War 2 and sees you piloting a whole bunch of iconic planes in some of the pivotal dogfights of the conflict. Throw in mulltiplayer and a bunch of other modes and you're left with one of the most packed shooters of the year.


- download for iOS

This one also wins the award for grossest game of the year. It's all about guiding wads of phlegm from one move to another. Imagine Angry Birds but with way more smooching. There's an important message about love here too, but it's delivered so brilliantly you might not even notice.

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Black Paradox

- download for iOS


A wonderful mix of modern and retro - it looks a bit like R-Type, but you're flying a delorean and you've got a special move that rips open the fabric of spacetime. It's fast and fluent, and there's enough progression here that you're never going to be able to sit down for just one go.

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Into the Dark: Narakan

- download for iOS

There are loads of brilliant indie roguelikes on the App Store, but this one stands head-and-shoulders above them, It's got a unique look, a diverting story, and it rewards you for exploration. This isn't a game that holds your hands or explains to you what you have to do, which makes figuring things out even sweeter.

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