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Take a mind-blowing 3D tour of the Universe with Professor Brian Cox as your guide. The official Wonders app by arrangement with the BBC.


Now for iPhone and iPad 1 - with added features: cause the supernova explosion of Betelgeuse! Land on the surfaces of Mars, the Moon, Io and Enceledus!

Journey up from the smallest particles, past the moons and planets of the Solar System, out through the Oort Cloud to the Milky Way, past our Local Stars and out to distant galaxies before arriving, finally, at the edge of the known Universe. On the way you will encounter the likes of seething Red Giants, beautiful Nebulae, pulsing Neutron stars and confront a daunting vision of a Black Hole sucking down a hapless star, all rendered in spectacular 3D.

Professor Brian Cox provides mind-expanding insight in over 200 interactive articles pinned to the stars, planets, galaxies and other wonders modelled in extraordinary 3D, written in his accessible style and accompanied by two and a half hours of video from the BBC TV series Wonders of the Solar System and Wonders of the Universe. The app also includes hundreds of infographics and images of space objects supplied by astronomy experts, NASA and other space researchers.

• Explore the entire Universe in 7 interlinked scales from sub-atomic to the edge of the known Universe, or take Brian's tours • Two-and-a-half hours of BBC video from the Wonders TV series (requires wifi) • 50+ spectacular 3D models of planets, moons, galaxies and nebulae to discover • Over 200 interactive articles by Brian telling the story of the Universe • Hundreds of beautiful images from around the cosmos • High resolution graphics optimised for the new iPad


“Few apps can match Wonders of the Universe.” New York Times

“Wonders is hands down one of the best apps out there for the iPad.” The Next Web

“One of the best educational apps to date.” Cnet.com

“In a class of its own.” Daily Mail

“The graphics and content make the experience well worth it.” Mashable

“Astounding.” Popsci.com

“Astonishing.” Appadvice.com

“Stunningly produced.” MSN.com

“The only app I’ve ever called perfect.” Imore.com

“Have you ever wanted a grand tour of the universe…this is it, and you’ll love it.” Mac Observer

“Professor Cox shows us the Cosmos as we have never seen it before - a place full of the most bizarre and powerful natural phenomena.” Sunday Express

“It will entertain and delight.” Independent on Sunday

“He bridges the gap between our childish sense of wonder and a rather more profound grasp of the scale of things.” Independent

“Cox’s romantic, lyrical approach to astrophysics all adds up to an experience that feels less like homework and more like having a story told to you. A really good story too”. Guardian

About Professor Brian Cox:

Professor Brian Cox OBE is a particle physicist, a Royal Society research fellow, and a professor at the University of Manchester as well as researcher on one of the most ambitious experiments on Earth, the ATLAS experiment on the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. He is best known to the public as a science broadcaster and presenter of the highly popular BBC2 series Wonders of the Solar System, Wonders of the Universe and Star Gazing Live. He was also keyboard player in the UK pop band D:Ream in the 1990s.

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