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App Description

Befriend, train, and lead a team of monsters to victory! Recruit a colorful cast of creatures from the legendary DRAGON QUEST series and experience monstrously strategic combat!

Assemble a roster of monsters both cuddly and terrifying! Train, equip, and customize them to make them your very own!

Orchestrate your monsters’ movements in a pocket-sized tactical experience! Pick-up-and-play controls and deep tactical elements give experts and newcomers something to enjoy. Study the battlefield and outwit your foes on-the-go!

Monsters of all rarity levels and strengths have a role to play! Resourceful players will be rewarded on the Battle Road, where monsters of all power levels will be required. An ever-growing list of freely obtainable monsters means that you can grow your roster without spending at all!

Long ago, when an evil force brought the world of Orchesterra to the brink of destruction, a legendary hero led a loyal band of monsters in defiance. Thanks to their courage and wit, the dark lord was sealed away, bringing peace to the world. Ages have passed, and once again the threat of evil looms over Orchesterra – will you rise to the task?

Directed by Yuji Horii, featuring the inspirational music composed by Koichi Sugiyama, and monster design by the visionary creator of the DRAGON BALL series, Akira Toriyama, DRAGON QUEST TACT will immerse you in a marvelous world of fantasy, magic, and memorable monsters!

The Passport is a subscription-based service available for a monthly fee.

Your Passport subscription is available for 1 month from the last day of purchase or renewal.
The length of this month (the subscription period) is measured based on the subscription service terms of your device's OS.
The purchase and subscription period will be automatically renewed every month.
Manual cancellation is necessary to avoid an automatically subscription renewal.

■ Boosts with your Passport
1. Battle speed: Very fast.
Allows for a faster battle speed than the ""Fast"" speed setting.
Double-tap the battle speed button on the bottom-right of the screen to change from ""Fast"" to ""Very Fast"" mode.
Tap the battle speed button once more to retuen to ""Normal"" speed.
2. An additional +1 to all daily EXP Quest and Gold Quest attempts
Grants an extra attempt for EXP quests and gold quests whilst having an active subscription.
Note: Daily quests are unlocked after Story Chapter 3, Episode 1.
If you haven't finished Story Chapter 3, Episode 1, you won't receive the extra daily quests, even if you purchase the Passport.
The number of daily quests available resets every day at 12:00 PST.

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iPad Screenshots

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App Changes

  • June 18, 2021 Initial release
  • July 22, 2021 New version 1.1.3
  • October 05, 2021 New version 2.0.0
  • February 20, 2023 New version 3.2.0
  • May 06, 2023 New version 3.3.1
  • June 06, 2023 New version 3.4.0
  • October 04, 2023 New version 3.5.1
  • November 03, 2023 New version 4.0.0
  • December 27, 2023 New version 4.1.1