In the third part of our Hero Academy 2 guide we're going to take a look at the different modes you can play in the game. We'll explain what you need to do in each of them, and tell you why it's important that you do.

We've already written about the currencies in the game, and given you a simple break down of the cards you'll be using too. The next part of our guide is going to get more detailed about the strategies you're going to need to employ to win.

Solo mode

There are three different game modes in the solo part of the menu, so let's have a look at each of them in turn to make sure you know exactly what they're going to entail.

  • Campaign - Here you'll take on characters from the game in a series of fights. Essentially these act as an introduction to the cards you're going to be facing in the multiplayer version of the game, so you're getting a look at what people might be throwing at you. There are some good rewards to be won for finishing campaign missions so it's worth playing through them.
  • Challenges- Essentially these are puzzles that you need to complete. You'll be given a set of characters to use, and then some spells. Using just those you need to finish the quest that the challenge sets you. They're tough, for sure, but again they're a great way to learn about the deeper rules of the game.
  • Practice- This one is pretty self explanatory. You can play duels against the game's AI to test out the decks you're using. If you keep getting beaten in the multiplayer, then head here and try and figure out what's going wrong without losing any ranking points.


The duel mode is where you fight it out against other players around the world. This is the core of the game. Each player comes in with a deck of 30 cards, and has the same number of crystals that they need to wipe out. The game plays out normally for 12 turns each, but at the end of those turns you move into a sudden death-style setting. Here you'll be given cards that can damage your opponent's crystal, and give you extra mana to spend on playing more cards.


While the quests aren't a game mode in and of themselves, they do give you rewards for completing objectives in the other parts of the game. Check regularly to see what you could be doing to earn these rewards. It's a great way to up your currencies, while still having a lot of fun.

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