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MARVEL Avengers Academy guide - How to get heroes faster and for free

Posted by Campbell Bird on February 13th, 2016

MARVEL Avengers Academy lets you build your own superhero school and fill it with heroes from the Marvel universe.

It can be a little slow going to get your school's attendance up though, so we've gathered together somesome tips to help you do this more quickly.

Only do quests

At the outset of the game, there's a lot of things that a young Tony Stark or Black Widow can do, but that doesn't mean you should just assign them to directionless tasks.

Doing so isn't that bad, but it doesn't do any good either - nor does it yield any game rewards that contribute to building a better school with more heroes inside.

Instead, focus solely on the in-game quests. Let those be your guide. Not only will completing these quests earn you rewards, but they'll also advance the game story so you can get access to new heroes.

Consider your class roster

So, now that you're focusing solely on quests, you'll also want to be mindful of the amount of time it will take any given hero to complete a task, as no heroes in MARVEL Avengers Academy are very good at multitasking.

You don't want to start your play session tying up Loki for a long stretch of time if he could've been useful closing out a quest within a minute or two, because the only way to get yourself back on track from that is to spend some premium currency.

Work together on large quests

Hard work pays off in MARVEL Avengers Academy, as some of the longest quests involve recruiting new heroes.

Considering heroes are your main way of getting anything done in the game (and also super cool to collect), you'll want to focus as much time in a given play session on unlocking them.

It's also very important to stay focused on one large quest at a time, since the end of most long quests also require significant amounts of gold to complete.

So, while you might think that moving several long quests forward at once is a solid plan, you'll just end up forcing yourself to grind out gold until you can complete each one.

Have you already established an elite school in MARVEL Avengers Academy? Tell us how you did it in the comments!

Shadow Blade: Reload guide - How to hack and slash with the best of them

Posted by Jennifer Allen on February 12th, 2016

Shadow Blade: Reload is the kind of action-platformer that would have happily sucked up hours of your time on a console a few years back.Now, you can take it with you wherever you go, and its mobile conversion is not too shabby at all.

To help you out, we’ve got some great tips and tricks on how to get the edge in battle.

Get into the rhythm

Shadow Blade: Reload’s controls are pretty simple. A virtual d-pad lets you move left and right, while three buttons dictate slashing, jumping, and throwing a shuriken at your foes.

The key here is to get into the rhythm - find a good pace and stick to it. A combination of running and jumping, while slicing and dicing at just the right moment, makes all the difference.

Gaining those all-important high ranks often comes down to speed, so keep, well, speedy.

Look out!

Just because you move fast doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look out for obstacles. Keep an eye out for spikes in particular, as they’ll instantly kill you, which is obviously pretty bad news. At least the checkpoints aren’t too far apart.

Know your foe

The basic enemies are pretty easy to take down but early on, you’ll come across Shadow Hunters and their heat seeking variants.

One type shoots at you, immediately killing you if they hit you, but the heat seeking variants are even trickier. If you dodge the heat seeking missile long enough, it’ll explode, but it’s not easy!

Focus on taking these guys out first, above all others.

Find the collectibles

Look out for special collectibles which are usually off the beaten track in each level. They go towards your final score, which means a better ranking for you.

Don’t die

Ok, no one wants to die anyway, but dying negatively affects your ranking so try extra hard not to!

Have tips of your own to share? Let us know in the comments!

Tomb of the Mask guide - How to increase your high score potential

Posted by Campbell Bird on February 12th, 2016

Tomb of the Mask is a great endless arcade game from Happymagenta in which quick reflexes and a persistent attitude can go a long way toward earning a top score.

Check out these tips to see if you can give yourself an edge on the leaderboards.

Keep playing

I know, I know, this sounds like obvious advice, but there are multiple reasons why banging your head against Tomb of the Mask is a good idea.

Playing the game over and over will not only get your reflexes up to snuff, but repeat play sessions can also make you level up and earn new "masks" - both of which can grant you score bonuses.

So, if there's an impossible-looking score on the leaderboard you want to chase, you might want to try leveling up a bunch and unlocking a score-modifying mask to help you get there.

Take your time

There isn't much time to waste in Tomb of the Mask(as you're being chased by a flashing wall of doom throughout every level) but it is important to try and take as much time as possible through stages in the game to help you max out your score.

The reason for this is because getting further in the game doesn't guarantee a high score, but picking up pellets and coins does.

In fact, each level in Tomb of the Mask gets significantly more difficult to navigate, so see if you can earn a bunch of points at the beginning stages when things are a bit easier.

Go into star rooms

Every once in a while, a glowing box with a star on it will appear on the side of the screen. If you want to score big, make sure you try to get to this box.

Going through the star box will take you to a bonus room full of coins that's easier to navigate than the normal levels. Make sure you try to get into these rooms every time they appear to max out your score.

Are you sitting atop the Tomb of the Mask leaderboards? Have some additional expertise? Let us know in the comments!

_PRISM Guide - How to solve those puzzles

Posted by Jennifer Allen on February 11th, 2016

_PRISM is a rather delightful puzzle game that’s been tailor made for touch screens. While part of the fun is figuring things out as you go along, we thought we’d offer you a helping hand at getting in the right mindset.

Don’t worry about messing up

Did you load up the game then wonder what the heck you were meant to be doing next? If in doubt, touch a few things on screen and see what happens. It’ll work out, promise!


Moving around the screen and seeing the full picture is key. Use your fingers to rotate around and see where the other lines are. That’s generally where you need to start.

Line up the lines

Starting out, it’s easy to see where to drag the lines so that the colored circles line up. A few screens in though, and it gets a little trickier.

See the red circles? You can move those with your finger separately from how you’re moving the line. Obviously, you need to do this often.

Some lines can be rotated. Some can’t. If there’s a large orange circle on the outside, you can rotate the line.

Take it one sequence at a time

If you’re confronted by lots of different options, it can be intimidating. Don’t worry about it. Focus on just one line and it’ll soon make sense.

Stuck and not sure what’s required of you? Odds are you need to drag out some shapes. Just use your finger to do this. It’s pretty simple. _PRISM will happily take you to the next stage that way.

You don’t need to be perfect

Lining up the circles doesn’t require pinpoint accuracy. As long as you’re close enough, the game will do the rest for you.

Want to share your own advice on _PRISM? Let us know in the comments!

Juggernaut Wars guide - How to use skills and level up your team

Posted by Glen Fox on February 9th, 2016

Juggernaut Warsis a brand new auto-RPG on iOS and Android that challenges you to build a team of heroes, send them out into various different missions to defeat waves of heroes, and level them up to increase their power.

The actual combat itself isn't overly challenging - it's automatic after all. No, the real challenge stems from getting your heroes battle ready.

Well, that's where148Appscomes in. We've spent a little time with the game to bring you these few tips and tricks.

Splash Cars guide - How to paint the town red

Posted by Campbell Bird on February 8th, 2016

Splash Cars is an arcade driving game that feels like a hybrid between Dawn of the Plow and Splatoon.

In it, you'll need to drive a car around to repaint areas of a town that have lost all of their color. Check out these tips to help you perform with flying colors:

Space Grunts guide - How to survive

Posted by Jennifer Allen on February 6th, 2016

Space Grunts is a fast-paced roguelike from popular iOS developer, Orange Pixel. While it taps into many of the typical roguelike sensibilities, you might still find yourself caught out by a few things.

We delved further to find you some helpful tips and tricks on surviving as long as possible.

Dreii guide - How to play well with others

Posted by Jennifer Allen on February 6th, 2016

Dreii is a rather stylish and wonderful puzzle game that’s reminiscent of cooperative games like Journey.

If that sounds immensely appealing, then you should immediately get cracking and give it a whirl. We can offer you some tips and tricks on getting started too!

Kill the Plumber World guide - How to outwit that pesky plumber

Posted by Campbell Bird on February 5th, 2016

You already know how to hop around like Mario, but do you know how to defeat him? Those are your marching orders in Kill the Plumber, and it's not always as easy as it looks. Here are some tips to get you started.

Ultimate Briefcase guide - How to dodge the bombs

Posted by Jennifer Allen on February 5th, 2016

Ultimate Briefcase is a simple but tricky game that’s highly dependent on how fast you can react. We can still offer you a few tips and tricks on how to survive though. Guess what? That’s exactly what we’re going to do now.

Sandstorm: Pirate Wars guide - How to keep your rusty bucket airborne

Posted by Glen Fox on February 3rd, 2016

Have you ever longed for the day that you could experience Bethesda's world of Fallout but as a pirate? No, I didn't think so. But, if the idea does intrigue you, you might want to check out Ubisoft'sSandstorm: Pirate Wars.

It's set in a post apocalyptic future and has you riding around the world in your very own customisable airship, completing quests, taking on attacking pirates, and upgrading your ship.

While it's a lot of fun, it quickly becomes challenging if you don't pay attention to your ship. Well, we've got you covered with this guide to keeping that rusty bucket airborne.

Genies and Gems guide - How to clear those gems fast

Posted by Jennifer Allen on February 1st, 2016

So, you’re bored of crushing candies and rescuing farm animals. How about combining gems and paw prints in order to help a genie’s pet fox traverse a magical world?

That’s the quirky setting for the rather charming Genies and Gems and we’ve got some tips and tricks to help you get started.

Blade: Sword of Elysion guide - How to hack and slash your way to victory

Posted by Jennifer Allen on February 1st, 2016

Blade: Sword of Elysion is the kind of action RPG you can dip into at any time of day, achieve something in the space of a few minutes, then marvel at how mindless yet entertaining it all was.

While its tutorial does a good job of helping you through the basics, there’s more to it than just that. We’re here with some helpful advice on how best to succeed at hacking and slashing everything in sight.

PolyBlast guide - How to shoot your way to victory

Posted by Jennifer Allen on January 31st, 2016

In the mood for a retro arcade experience? Well, look no further thanPolyBlast, a simple yet quite compelling arcade puzzle shooter.

Simple doesn't mean easy though - andPolyBlastposes quite the challenge. With that in mind, we've got a few tips and tricks to help you shoot all of the targets.

Path of War guide - How to win the war

Posted by Jennifer Allen on January 29th, 2016

Washington D.C. is under attack from government renegades in Path of War and it’s down to you to stop them. Fortunately, you’re not alone as we have some helpful tips and tricks on getting you on the path to victory.