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Gameloft’s wave-based hack ‘n slash RPG Dungeon Hunter 3 has at-last gotten a much-requested feature: online multiplayer. The 1.1.1 update adds 4 player online play through their own Gameloft Live servers. The modes include a co-op mode, where players go on the game’s missions with three other players, helping to get higher ranks and collect better rewards from the levels. Player levels are viewable in the menu, so if some newbie jumps in with their level 1 in a level 40 game, then they can be kicked out like the noobs they are. As well, there’s a player vs. player mode where 4 players duke it out in an arena to see who the mightiest warrior is, clashing steel and casting spells until one is left standing. Deathmatch mode is only for bragging rights, there are no coins or treasure to be had for victory here. The update is available now, alongside some other bug fixes and tweaks.

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Released: 2011-12-21 :: Category: Games

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