Black Friday Comes Early to the App Store

Posted by Jeff Scott on November 25th, 2008

It looks like app developers have decided to participate in Black Friday sales and have started early. There are a bunch of really great games and apps on sale in the iTunes App Store right now with more being added every time we check out our price drops page. We'll keep the list of the top tier apps here and send out a message on our Twitter stream when we update this page.

[Last Updated: 11/28 2:00pm Pacific]

Read on for the list.

New Additions 10/28 2:00pm

Adding a few more that have come in.

[itmsapp: 291720439]
[itmsapp: 291027932]
[itmsapp: 297995428]
[itmsapp: 290649401]

New Additions 10/28 9:00am

A few more in early for Black Friday proper:

[itmsapp: 297435856]
[itmsapp: 291720439]
[itmsapp: 291663223]
[itmsapp: 283292597]
[itmsapp: 294933937]
[itmsapp: 293758335]
[itmsapp: 296433900]
[itmsapp: 290986013]
[itmsapp: 290002756]

New Additions 10/27 1:00pm
A few interesting items came in overnight -- Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

[itmsapp: 296287819]
[itmsapp: 290542231]
[itmsapp: 297651103]
[itmsapp: 288056402]

New Additions 10/26 6:15pm

Looks like Gameloft is getting in on the party with 40% off of a whole bunch of their non licensed games:
[itmsapp: 283595343]
[itmsapp: 283585265]
[itmsapp: 287451803]
[itmsapp: 290863578]
[itmsapp: 283519081]
[itmsapp: 284836284]
[itmsapp: 296876675]

And Sega as well:
[itmsapp: 284694625]
[itmsapp: 281966695]

Plus we hear from Igloo games that Dizzybee, one of our favorite early releases, will be on sale early Thursday.
[itmsapp: 284987824]

And how about a free puzzle game:
[itmsapp: 293839292]
[itmsapp: 294447867]

And if none of those look good, here are a few new and very interesting looking apps:
[itmsapp: 297408435]
[itmsapp: 297638427]
[itmsapp: 297694601]

New Additions 10/26 11:45am

Just a few more notable ones today:
[itmsapp: 290199766]
[itmsapp: 284997561]
[itmsapp: 294758914]
[itmsapp: 294902777]
[itmsapp: 298053060]
[itmsapp: 295076793]

Games On Sale

Pangea has put all of their fantastic games on sale for $0.99 until Monday! I'd suggest grabbing any that you don't already have. They are all easily worth $1.

[itmsapp: 281736535]
[itmsapp: 293519917]
[itmsapp: 288713146]
[itmsapp: 291322250]
[itmsapp: 281747159]

Likewise it looks like seminal Mac and now iPhone game developer Ambrosia has decided to put their games on sale for $0.99 for the weekend. All are great games for their genre.

[itmsapp: 284566932]
[itmsapp: 284539927]
[itmsapp: 284800101]

Electronic Arts seems to be getting in on the fun. They have reduced the prices of their games by a 30-60%.
[itmsapp: 284800458]
[itmsapp: 290183295]
[itmsapp: 284815117]
[itmsapp: 296288981]

Some other games have gone on pretty good sales:
[itmsapp: 295805469]
[itmsapp: 291176027]
[itmsapp: 293619230]
[itmsapp: 294875614]
[itmsapp: 295365614]
[itmsapp: 284944912]
[itmsapp: 296232471]
[itmsapp: 295995092]

And some other games have gone completely free -- though not sure for how long:
[itmsapp: 292672471]
[itmsapp: 294733068]
[itmsapp: 296430699]
[itmsapp: 294956042]
[itmsapp: 290397326]
[itmsapp: 293806585]
[itmsapp: 294091463]

Other Apps / Non-games

I know that no one cares about anything other than games -- but here are some other noteworthy sale apps!

[itmsapp: 294773236]
[itmsapp: 290591617]
[itmsapp: 287296541]

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