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Calorie trackers don’t work! Go is the new fast and easy way to track your meals and activities.

Tracking your calories makes sense at first, but most people quickly give up because of four fundamental flaws:

1. It’s too time consuming: Entering every topping, side dish, and ingredient from a snack or meal takes a long time. It can take longer to enter the meal than it did to eat it, so most people give up on this arduous task pretty quickly.

2. It’s impossible to be accurate: Unless you carry a food scale with you everywhere, it’s virtually impossible to know the right amounts to enter.

3. Everyone underestimates: Since everyone has to guess their portion size, everyone underestimates how many calories they consume. This is how calorie tracking actually leads to poor choices. People underestimate their calories, assume they have hundreds of free calories left in their day, and then overeat. All the while thinking they are doing something good for themselves.

4. It distracts from the goal: People get too focused on the calorie numbers and not on their behaviors. Instead of focusing on healthy foods that will leave them satisfied, they focus on depravation. Trying to get your calorie count low with tiny portions of unhealthy foods just leads to starvation, frustration, and no real changes.


When it comes right down to it, you already know when you’re eating healthy and when you’re not. No need to waste your time counting every calorie when all you’re really looking to do is keep track of your behaviors over time.

Go lets you zoom out and look at the big picture. All you need to know when you look back is the size of the meal and how healthy it was (the quality of the meal). This is why Go is the perfect meal tracker. Instead of wasting time entering elaborate calorie breakdowns, Go lets you quickly enter your details and then visualizes the results. You can even snap a picture of your meal to act as a reminder.

Trackers only work if you use them consistently, and Go makes it easy to capture the most important details in seconds. And once you have all those details, Go’s simple, easy to understand timeline makes figuring out what behaviors to change a snap. With just a glance you can see if you’re:

• Eating more low quality meals throughout the week than you thought,
• See if you’re snacking too much throughout the day,
• See if you’re squeezing enough activity into your day,
• And more.

Once you realize what the problems are, you can make smart choices to correct them and develop a healthy lifestyle. Healthy eating isn’t about deprivation and suffering. As you see where you’ve been and make little adjustments, you’ll find it’s easier than you could imagine to change your life and improve your health.

• Enter your meals and activities in seconds. Trackers only work if you use them, and with Go it’s never been easier.
• Simple, easy to understand visualization of your meals and activities. Go makes it easy to view the big picture. When you can quickly see where you’ve been, it makes it easy to see where you need to go.
• Snap pictures of your meals as a quick reminder.
• Precision design keeps it simple, beautiful, and focused on the most important thing - your results.
• Go has easy to understand guidance on what behaviors to look for on your timeline and how to make adjustments to meet your goals. Most trackers just show you calorie counters and leave it up to you to figure out what to do with it.
• Syncs your results to the cloud and syncs your workouts from any lolo app to your timeline.

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App Changes

January 29, 2014 Price Decrease: $2.99 -> $1.99
January 29, 2014 New version 1.0.2
December 24, 2013 Initial Release

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