148Apps prides itself on having the best writers in the industry. Here’s a rundown of our current writers and the alumni from 148Apps. All of which have and continue to contribute the making 148Apps the best iOS app review site possible.

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Jennifer Allen

Senior Writer | 148Apps

Jen lives in not so sunny Wales in the UK. A keen games player for the past 25 years, she cites Final Fantasy VII and Goldeneye as 'life-changing', but is just as comfortable delving into the varied world of apps too. As a freelance writer, Jen has found that sleep is an unnecessary complication in life, and isn't entirely sure what she'd do without her trusty iPhone and iPad.

Connect with Jennifer:
Twitter: @jenjeahaly

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Chris Kirby

| 148Apps

Chris is a little frightened that he is the oldest writer on the 148Apps staff, but maybe there's someone else out there who remembers when a Mac Plus was cutting edge and the Newton was nothing short of miraculous.

Connect with Chris:
Twitter: @cskirby148apps