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Moto Rider GO has received a huge update today that introduces several KTM and Husqvarna motorcycles

Posted by Stephen Gregson on October 16th, 2020

Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic is a popular free-to-play racing game that initially launched back in 2017 and has since racked up over 100 million downloads. Today it has received a sizeable update that introduces several KTM and Husqvarna motorcycles to the game.

Given the popularity of Moto Rider GO, these kinds of partnerships are inevitable but also highly beneficial to this genre since it brings a sense of authenticity. T-Bull is set to announce even more bikes that will be heading to the racer soon.

ORDESA is a spooky interactive film that's available now for iOS and Android

Posted by Stephen Gregson on October 15th, 2020

French studio Cinétévé Experience and ARTE have released interactive movie ORDESA for iOS and Android today. It arrives at the perfect time of year, telling a story about a mysterious haunted house that the viewer suddenly finds themselves lost in.

ORDESA is said to lie somewhere between an author's film and video game, promising a new type of interactive film for anyone who gives it a try. Players will break the fourth wall, taking on the role of a ghost who is looking to help Lise uncover her lost memories.

The Survivalists is available now for Apple Arcade

Posted by Stephen Gregson on October 9th, 2020

The Survivalists, Team 17's latest game that's set in The Escapists universe, is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Steam and most importantly for iOS gamers, Apple Arcade.

The Survivalists will see players being dropped onto a procedurally generated island where they'll have to, well, survive, obviously. To do so, they'll need to explore, craft and train groups of monkeys to perform a variety of tasks for them such as battling savage beasts, building or chopping down trees for resources.

Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom is a turn-based RPG from Kemco and it's available now for iOS and Android

Posted by Stephen Gregson on October 8th, 2020

Kemco is back with another turn-based RPG. This one is called Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom and you can download it now for iOS and Android. It's set in Muspelheim and follows the story of Volker, a blacksmith's son who's always dreamed of being an adventurer.

He's also destined to be a blacksmith, however, so instead, he looks to combine the two dreams into one by heading out on adventures to gather materials by plundering dungeons and slaying the various monsters that dwell inside of them.

Then, when he's returned to his home he can then use these resources to craft magnificent weapons. From there it's up to players to decide if those weapons are put up for sale or are used to kit out the various characters that will make up your team.

Since adventuring can be a tad perilous at times, it's definitely better to have a party accompany Volker on his missions. These battle-hardened folks can be found in the Guild and there are 14 different classes to consider when creating your team with each bringing its own set of skills to battle.

If you've played a Kemco RPG before you probably know what to expect here. They tend to create stellar, retro-inspired games for mobile that usually have enough unique ideas that it doesn't simply feel like another turn-based RPG. You can check out the embedded trailer above for a glimpse of what to expect.

Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a premium title that costs $6.99 but also contains further in-app purchases.

Pokemon Go will host a Niantic Birthday Event tomorrow to celebrate the company's 5th anniversary

Posted by Stephen Gregson on October 3rd, 2020

Niantic is currently celebrating its fifth anniversary so on October 4th players will be able to enjoy limited-time bonuses and exclusive Timed Research in their most popular game, Pokemon Go. This will run between 11 am and 5 pm local time.

During this period there will be a Niantic Birthday Event Timed Research for players to complete. This will give them a series of tasks to complete within the allotted time and will yield various rewards that will include the likes of an Incense, an Egg Incubator, a Lucky Egg, a Fast TM, a Charged TM and a Star Piece, among others.

Monopoly Sudoku is available now for iOS and Android, blending the two iconic games together

Posted by Stephen Gregson on October 1st, 2020

Marmalade Game Studio, who you may know as the developers of the digital adaptation of the Game of Life, has recently teamed up with Hasbro to create Monopoly Sudoku. This mash-up of two household names is available now for both iOS and Android.

It leans more on Sudoku than Monopoly by bringing a multiplayer version of the game over to mobile devices. Players will battle it out with their friends, family or other players in head-to-head Sudoku matches.

Undercrawl is a procedurally generated roguelike dungeon crawler that's available now for Android

Posted by Stephen Gregson on September 25th, 2020

Undercrawl is a roguelike dungeon crawler from indie developer Monster Shop Games. It's a genre that's popular in gaming in general but features even more frequently on mobile devices since the shorter, 'run' style of playthrough suits playing in small bursts that phones are often used for.

It's a very straightforward game in concept then. You'll make your way through a series of randomly generated dungeons and battle against the various creatures that reside there. The aim? To level up and emerge with enough gold to buy some upgrades before diving back in and doing it all again. The game is endless so you can keep on plundering until you're eventually defeated.

BTS Universe Story, the social game that lets players create their own tales, is available now for iOS and Android

Posted by Stephen Gregson on September 24th, 2020

Netmarble's highly anticipated social game, BTS Universe Story, is available now for iOS and Android. It's the second collaboration between the hugely successful mobile developer and the K-pop superstars following BTS World.

BTS Universe Story will allow players to play through existing stories within the BTS universe alongside creating and sharing stories of their own whilst interacting with other players. The characters are all 3D scanned to help players really bring their imaginations to life.

Infinity Mechs is an upcoming idle game for iOS and Android where you'll build a team of powerful mechs

Posted by Stephen Gregson on September 18th, 2020

Indie developer SkullStar studio has announced an upcoming idle mech game called Infinity Mechs. It draws inspiration from the mobile game Iron Saga and has been officially licensed by Game Duchy. It's set to launch for both iOS and Android on October 10th.

The game aims to provide a strategic yet casual experience where you'll wade into battle with a plethora of powerful mechs. However, you'll also be able to set the game to auto-farm and auto-level if you'd prefer. New mechs will be obtained through the usual gacha means and can then be used in a mixture of PvE and PvP game types.

PUBG Mobile Lite's latest update sees the return of the popular Survive Till Dawn mode

Posted by Stephen Gregson on September 17th, 2020

PUBG Mobile Lite, the streamlined version of the popular battle royale that's designed to work on less powerful devices, sees the return of a popular game variant today, Survive Till Dawn mode. It arrives as part of the 0.19.0 content update.

It arrives just in time for Halloween and will see players fighting off hordes of the undead that spawn when night cycles on Erangel. They'll need to scour the map, as usual, looking loot and gear that will help them survive the night and live longer than their opponents.

Paladin's Story is an upcoming fantasy RPG with a light-hearted sense of humour that's heading for iOS and Android

Posted by Stephen Gregson on September 11th, 2020

Paladin's Story is an upcoming fantasy RPG with an off-kilter sense of humour that's heading for iOS and Android. It will officially launch for both on September 16th though the game is already available on Google Play in Early Access.

The game looks to blend an old school roleplaying experience with a more reflex and timing-based combat system. It also sets out to make light of many of the tropes that the genre has created over the years such as frequently seen character archetypes, commonly found items and of course, the classic plot of the chosen hero saving the world from an unknown threat.

A Pretty Odd Bunny is a stealth-platformer available now for Android where you play as a rabbit who likes eating pigs

Posted by Stephen Gregson on September 10th, 2020

A Pretty Odd Bunny is a stealth-platformer from two-man team AJ Ordaz and René Rivera. It follows the story of a red-eyed rabbit who is allergic to carrots and instead has a penchant for devouring pigs. It's available now for Android devices.

The game starts with Bunny Town preparing to celebrate the annual Carrot Festival but our protagonist has a mission of their own, finding delicious pigs. The problem is, your fellow rabbits don't want you to eat these pigs, so you'll need to avoid being seen by them.

Bouncing Box is a challenging platformer for Android where the protagonist is, as the name suggests, a box

Posted by Stephen Gregson on September 4th, 2020

In platformers, we often spend a large amount of time mindless destroying boxes by jumping onto or into them, whatever makes them splinter apart. Bouncing Box from developer The K Brothers aims to give those poor destructible cubes a chance to be the hero.

The game is available now for Android and will see players taking on the role of a bouncy wooden box as it embarks on a journey to collect all of the gems in the world. It promises to be a hardcore platforming experience that will challenge even veteran fans of the genre.

Five A Side Football 2021 is a streamlined management sim that's available now for iOS and Android

Posted by Stephen Gregson on September 3rd, 2020

Five A Side Football 2021 is the latest football-focused game to emerge from Swipe Studios, who you may know from their previous games Woofball and Swipe Manager: Soccer. Their newest title is available now for both iOS and Android.

Much like their previous endeavours, Five A Side Football 2021 is intended to be a more fun-focused approach to the sport. In this case, it's a slimline version of a managerial simulator where instead of flipping through pages and pages of stats there's a match budget system instead.

Dear My Cat is an upcoming casual game about observing cats that's designed to help players relax

Posted by Stephen Gregson on August 28th, 2020

Dear My Cat is an upcoming casual simulation game from publisher Flero Games and developer Like It Games. It's heading for both iOS and Android on 29th September with pre-registration open now and will see players following a bunch felines on their journey to Sky Island and witnessing their happy moments.

It's not intended to be an overly difficult game then, instead the focus is on helping players relax as they watch the different cats mill about the screen. Each cat will have its own story to tell and you'll be able to build facilities and landmarks for them. Beyond that, you'll also be able to make accessories and give to the cats as gifts.