Favorite Four: Golfing Apps

Posted by Jennifer Allen on July 3rd, 2013

With the Golf season in full swing (yes, I went there), thanks to the recent US Open amongst others, now is the ideal time to check out some great apps to help golfers or just to help them keep up to date with all the news from the professional field. Here's our favorite four of the bunch.

GolfLogix GPS
It might not be an entirely free solution, given some of the best features require a subscription fee, but GolfLogix GPS is certainly comprehensive. It tracks scoring and the handicap of each player, shows personalized lessons after every round, as well as analysis. Offering information for 32,000 golf courses around the world, with the ability to track every shot (for a price), completes the package nicely, ensuring you always knows what's going on.

Offering similar functionality to GolfLogix GPS, myGolfLeaderboard has a trump card up its sleeve: the ability for other golfers to watch the changing leaderboard for the match, all in real time. It's possible to set things up on the clubhouse TV, with the relevant equipment, proving ideal for amateur competitions via the event creation tool. Plus, it's entirely free and offers some useful stat tracking tools for 15,000 courses.

Everyday Golf Coach
In need of some advice for improving your swing? Everyday Golf Coach has it covered. The app offers dozens of coaching videos to help keen amateurs improve their game, with advice from how to chip correctly to how to get the ball to curve the way the golfer wants it to. There's swing analysis too, for those able to get a friend for record their swing. It's then possible to compare the technique to the varied model library, and figure out where it's all going wrong. With simple instructions, it could make all the difference to your handicap.

Golf Channel
For those more interested in how the professionals are doing, the Golf Channel app should suffice. It offers all the latest articles, blogs and analysis on everything imaginable, making it simple for users to follow their favorite players across all the major tours. Behind the scenes videos and photo galleries further help matters. Oh, and there's still space for it to offer some great tips for budding enthusiasts, too!