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Strum Review

Our Review by Jennifer Allen on December 14th, 2012
Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: SOCIAL MUSIC VIDEOS
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Strum is the video clip equivalent of Instagram. It has a slightly expensive pricing policy but the vast majority of its content is free and decent.

Developer: Smule
Price: Free
Version Reviewed: 1.0
Device Reviewed On: iPhone 5

iPhone Integration Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar
User Interface Rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar
Re-use Value Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar

Overall Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar

Kind of like a mixture of conventional social networking and Instagram, Strum has a fair amount of potential within those filter happy virtual walls.

It's an app that enables users to turn their regular clips into short music videos, before uploading them for the world to see. Much like Instagram, there's a popular section, enabling users to browse what others are coming up with. The focus, however, is on sharing amongst friends and via other social networking apps such as Facebook and Twitter.

Setting up is easy enough. It's possible to set up an account via Facebook or an email address, with it taking moments to implement. With the choice of using previously recorded videos or recording one from within the app, users are only a tap or two away from adding filters. These filters both change the look of the video, as well as the music. In some cases, it adds a cool, relaxed vibe. Other times, it adds a techno music style feeling to the clip. It's fun to mess around with and discover what works best for the chosen clip. Annoyingly, some filters require an in-app purchase with each priced at a rather intimidating $2.99. The free ones are still suitably varied, though.

Users can add some text to the clip, much like with Instagram photos, adding some all important context before uploading. It's all smooth and reasonably efficient, given the time limitation included for all clips.

Browsing clips is just as simple and quite entertaining. There's a wide variety of clips to view, from family Christmas greetings to dogs or cats joining in with the fun. It's easy to follow other users or interact with them, much like with other social networking apps.

Strum has all the requisite elements to be as successful as Instagram, but for the video side of things. Whether it will be is dictated by how quickly users join in, but it deserves to be noticed. Even despite those pricey additional filters.

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