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Foodish Review

Our Review by Jennifer Allen on June 29th, 2011
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Foodish is an attractive and useful Food Diary app, doubling up as a way of keeping track of healthy eating.

Review update: 1/25/13, Version 1.1
Foodish already provided a great service for those wanting to track what they eat on a day to day basis, while not being patronized. Now, it's added a few more useful features. There's a mapping feature that works well, adding location details to where something was eaten. A notes feature adds to the selection, enabling users to write more on how things are going and further track their eating habits. Amongst all this, and along with some performance based improvements, Foodish is still simple to use, and this seems like the ideal time to give it a shot, for those who haven't already.

Developer: Alexander Repty
Price: $1.99
Version Reviewed: 1.1
Device Reviewed On: iPhone 4

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While there are countless apps that allow their users to count calories and keep track of all the statistics behind food, Foodish takes an entirely different path. It's not patronizing in any way, instead accepting that, for the most part, people know what's good and bad for them.

Foodish lets users record exactly what meals and drinks they've eaten by entering a title or taking a photo of the item. Immediately it makes for a more attractive appearance as each item is listed under the date as a snapshot of what the person has eaten for the day. There's no statistics to be seen. The user simply chooses from one of four smiley faces to depict how healthy the food or drink item was. It's a nice idea as it means it makes the user truly think about their food. Statistics are just that - figures with little context behind them. Taking a photo of a huge plate of food or thinking about it and realising that yes that chocolate bar was pretty unhealthy, gives the user time to think about what they're eating.

Once items have been collated on the main page, Foodish provides the user with a rough guide of how they're doing so far. These are simple sentences such as 'You could do worse' or positive lines about how well the person is doing. It makes for easy consultation rather than figuring out statistics.

Anything from a meal to a drink to a snack can be added and there's Wikipedia integration meaning that the app can open up a relevant Wikipedia entry on an item for further information. Users can also tweet or post to Facebook information on what they've been eating if they so wish.

Foodish is a very simple app for keeping track of food habits but it works well. It's attractive to look at but ensures that the user can take in exactly what they've eaten, simply by looking at the photos. For the health conscious user, this is a really original idea for keeping track of things.

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