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Posted by Chris Hall on June 10th, 2009

We are having a problem here at 148apps.com. No, we don't all have swine flu, but we do need more writers. Let me repeat that. We need more writers.

This idea, the one about needing more writers, came to me during the WWDC keynote. Word on the street is that there are 50,000 apps in the app store, and with our writing staff, we are only covering a small fraction. We do a pretty good job at covering the best and the brightest, but some of the good apps out there are slipping through the cracks.

What I am looking for are a few talented writers that are willing to post a review 3-5 times a week... nothing overly crazy. I will shower you with all sorts of apps to review, making your iPhone become all that it was meant to be. After some time, if you would like, I may even ask you to do a blog entry or two... or ten. Not only will this writing gig get you great experience, but you will also gain some great exposure and a really in-depth look as to how the app universe really works.

If this is something that interests you, please post a sample review to the "Reader Submitted App Reviews" section of the forum (http://forum.148apps.com/). Write the review in any fashion that suits you, but I would greatly prefer an app review written in a similar style to our reviews. Review any app you want, good or bad, just make the review wildly entertaining. I will read any and all reviews, no matter the length. A quick note on length... try to make the review between 300-800 words, just to mimic the kind of length we use. Also, please include some kind of contact info so that I can get back to you.

Thanks for your interest,
Chris Hall
Editor in Chief

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