It's always tempting to have the best thing. As game players we're almost conditioned to chase the biggest processor, the most power, the next generation. Even mobile gaming isn't immune to this push to progress - there are games on the App Store that don't work on an iPhone 6 any more.

Which means the iPhone X should be the device at the top of all of our want lists right? It's get the sharpest processor, it's as future proof as an Apple device ever gets. It's the top of the toppest range of smartphones. We should all be clamouring to get one.

Well, no. We shouldn't.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not denigrating the iPhone X as a piece of tech. In a world of high powered handsets that act as much like status symbols as they do communication devices it's hard to top. But that doesn't mean it's the right handset for you if you're looking for a new gaming device.

It's too expensive

For starters, there's the price. Even if you're not buying the iPhone X outright it's going to be a huge investment. It costs the same as a reasonably high end gaming PC. If my mental guess-rithmatic is right you could get at least three PS4s.

Obviously the iPhone X does more than those things. It's portable, it makes phone calls. It's got quite a small bezel. It's not three PlayStations. On the flip side of that though, it's not the only iPhone in the world. And it's not just the iPhone you need to consider.

There'll be a new iPod soon

When the iPhone 6 came out, Apple also refreshed the iPod range. Essentially it brought out an iPod touch that was an iPhone 6 with some of the gubbins taken out. It cost about a third of the price. And that was where the iPod stopped.

Which means it must be due something of a shake up in 2018. Apple isn't the sort of company that rests on its laurels. That's why the iPhone X exists. Because pushing the boundaries both in terms of tech and price is something the Cupertino behemoth is known for.

You can get an older iPhone for cheaper

So what does that mean for gamers? Well right now an iPhone 7 or up will do you just fine. If you're desperate for something as close to the cutting edge as you can get, then go for an iPhone 8. Either will leave you enough money compared to an iPhone X to get a handheld console. Probably enough for a Switch to be honest.

Or you could wait. Apple has two conferences a year at least. And I bet in one of them we're going to see a new iPod of some description announced. And when it comes to mobile gaming bangs for your buck, that's likely to offer the best deal this side of selling your kidneys. Or *shudder* getting an Android phone.

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