As a Warframe player one of the best things about it launching on iOS, despite it being arguably the best way to play the game if you have a controller, is that I can now be paid to talk about it. To whit, we are gearing up to receive the first Warframe addition of the year on March 27th.

Our upcoming Warframe arrival goes by the name of Dante. Once an academic confidant of the Entrati family, Dante was relentless in their pursuit of knowledge. One day, they stumbled upon an artefact known only as The Book, and upon reading, found themselves infected with wrongtounged words, leading to their disappearance. That is, until today.

If you are looking for a playstyle that's a little closer to standard MMO casters, then you might want to check this out. As the master of reality's pages, players will be able to cast Light or Dark Verses, that can increase allies' max health, or inflict slash damage to enemies. Interestingly, the pattern of abilities you use will change the combo's finishing ability, the Final Verse.

Fresh Incarnon weapons have also become unbound, as we have a few new additions such as Ruvox, the melee fist weapon, and the arm-cannon Onos, some heavy-hitting stuff. The Warframe Inaros has also received a reworked, giving them a more engaging passive ability, guaranteed status effect triggers, and a few tweaks to their base ability kit.

To try out these changes, or indeed Dante themselves, you can take the Deep Archimedea, a most challenging task. In this, you tackle three existing mission types back to back with no breaks, and this rotates each week. Or, hunt down the Guzzling, a new edition to the Murmur faction, who hoards a bevy of treasures, and defends it fiercely.

Finally, the TennoGen program has been revived, a return that is welcomed by players of the true endgame, Fashion Framing. This is a community-made cosmetic program where members of the public can create and submit designs that could be integrated in-game, with the creator getting a nice 30% revenue share on the Steam sale of their creation.

Warframe is available to download from the App Store now, and you can stick your name down for the upcoming Android beta.

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