How to earn more coins and gems in Dragon Land

Posted by Gordon Siu on March 17th, 2016
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Now that you’re armed with some advice for beating the levels in Dragon Land, we’d like to give you some more tips on how to earn more coins and gems, the two main currencies in the game.

Coins are used exclusively for upgrading your dragons for useful stat boosts, whereas gems are used to purchase a variety of goodies in the shop such as new dragons, skins and boosters. Needless to say, you’ll want to read on to find out how to earn as many of these as possible!

Check for hidden areas!

Firstly, while coins may already seem abundantly dispersed throughout the levels, there are methods to acquire even more for yourself and make each stage as profitable as possible.

The first of these is to check those nooks and crannies hidden throughout the stage. The pesky fixed camera also does a good job of distracting you from secret areas so always look around and stray away from the main path from time to time.

Again, remember that different dragons have different movement abilities, so if an area seems hard to reach, try selecting a different one!

High risk, high reward

The platforming veterans among you may already be familiar with the art of jumping consecutively on top of enemies that happen to be clustered together. Doing so in this game rewards you with higher coin bonuses as you squash more and more enemies in succession.

Be careful and make use of the double jump to stay in control, as you may end up taking a lot of damage if you mess up!

Earning outside the campaign

Like other free-to-play games, aside from grinding the story levels, there are plenty of other ways to earn currency, as an example, quests are another quick source of coins.

To obtain gems, the quick play mode is the place you’re looking for. But since these are limited time events, I would recommend playing these whenever they show up, as gems are really hard to come by!

Finally, there are also periodic free gifts to collect as well as adverts to watch, if you’re ever in need of some quick and easy currency.

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