How to beat levels in Dragon Land

Posted by Gordon Siu on March 16th, 2016
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Dragon Land is a cute new 3D platformer, where you progress through the levels by controlling one of the dozens of collectable dragons, each with their own unique abilities. However, before you set off, we will provide you with some tips to help you as you jump, stomp and glide your way past the traps and enemies there to stop you.

Be patient

Firstly, the game has no time limit, so feel free to take it slow, maybe even grab a snack if you need to. The game won’t suddenly respawn monsters to catch you out while you figure out how next to proceed, so if there’s a particularly hard set of obstacles in front of you, take the time to plan!

Take care around enemies

While a large proportion of enemies in the game will stick to a particular movement pattern, always be ready to jump away in case you encounter more aggressive foes.

You can tell these ones apart if exclamation marks pop out as you approach them, and using your special ability will also deal with these enemies easily if jumping on them is too risky.

Pay attention to your shadow

Being a 3D platformer, jumping and landing accurately is a major part of the challenge in Dragon Land, whether it be on a thin platform, or on the heads of your foes.

Thankfully, your shadow that is cast while jumping tells you precisely where you’re going to land, allowing you to make corrective adjustments mid-air.

Switch your dragon

For most of the levels, the game allows you to switch between your dragons whenever you want. Different dragons have different movement abilities in addition to their own offensive attacks, with the former making it far easier for specific dragons to bypass certain obstacles.

Keep this in mind if you ever have trouble with any particular obstacles in your way.

Don’t waste boosters

Most levels will also have boosters such as health potions and shields scattered throughout. Try not to pick these up if you already have an identical effect that's currently active.

Remember that boosters don’t expire with time, so you can always pick them up later. For example, you should save health potions for later, as opposed to picking them up at full health.

Got any more tips to beat the campaign? Share these in the comments!

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