The 5 Best Mobile Driving Games

Posted by Campbell Bird on April 10th, 2019

With the recent release of Rush Rally 3, it's easy to be excited about mobile driving games. Figuring out what games in this genre are worth picking up, on the other hand, is a whole other story.

Forget things like the Asphalt series, CSR Racing 2, or Need for Speed No Limits. Those games all may promise fast and fun cars, but they are all compromised experiences at best, not to mention the fact that they're all free-to-play. Check out these picks for the best premium driving experiences available on the App Store.

Absolute Drift - download for iOS

Absolute Drift feels positively incredible when you finally learn to coast around a corner in a perfect arc, but doing this takes quite a bit of practice and feels nigh impossible without a controller. If you happen to have an MFi controller handy and a bit of patience though, it can be a really rewarding experience that feels completely unlike any other driving game on the App Store.”

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Rush Rally 3 - download for iOS

“No matter whether you are playing this game with an MFi controller on an iPad Pro, or are using touch controls on an iPhone 5s, there’s a setup in Rush Rally 3 that can give you an appropriately challenging and fully-featured racing experience. I can’t really say there’s other racers out there that pull this off quite as well, making Rush Rally 3 truly the definitive mobile racing experience.

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GRID Autosport - Download for iOS

"The release of GRID Autosport on iOS is important and should be celebrated. The game is stunning and does a good job of replicating the experience of the original PC and console title, which makes the case that AAA titles can (and should) come to mobile without being hamstrung or compromised.”

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Go Rally - Download for iOS

Go Rally is an excellent game that offers a near unlimited amount of racing fun. It may not feel as fast or flashy as some other titles out there, but it’s great fun nonetheless.”

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Reckless Racing 3 - Download for iOS

“If they can get over the nonsensical decision to remove multiplayer options this time around, fans of the previous Reckless games won’t be disappointed with this sequel. A lot has been improved, from the beautiful and intricate level design to how smooth the handling feels, carefully balanced between chaotic and controlled. Each of the 28 vehicles are subtly different enough to ensure that they feel like are a new experience, rather than a novelty collectible, adding hours to this already addictive racer. Drifting might be this pony’s one trick, but it does it superbly.”

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