The 5 Best Mobile Platformers

Posted by Campbell Bird on July 30th, 2020

Touch screens and action-oriented gameplay don't typically mix, but over the course of pondering the best platformers on mobile, I found myself having a really hard time picking just five. Quite a few developers have found really creative ways to make games that require quick reflexes and precision feel perfectly enjoyable on your phone or tablet.

Check out our top picks for platformers on iOS, which cover the range of one-handed, streamlined experiences to titles more typical of the console platfomer experience. If you're looking for some other great mobile games to play, click here to check out all the other top lists we've been making lately.

Ordia ($3.99)

Ordia is the most mobile-friendly platformer I've encountered. It plays in portrait mode and is completely controllable with one hand. It's also has a really slick visual style and clever mechanics built around its fling-based gameplay. If you want a top-tier platformer you can take on-the-go, this is the game to pick.

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Golf Zero (Free)

One really smart way to make intense platforming managable on mobile is by including slow-motion mechanics. This is exactly what Golf Zero does, a zany action title about dodging through death traps to line up the perfect golf shot. This game is tough, but it's always super rewarding. Just make sure to buy the full version to get rid of ads.

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Unruly Heroes ($1.99)

Unruly Heroes is one of those rare platformers that feels great regardless of whether you're playing sloppily or tightly tearing through levels on a speed run. The characters you control in this action platformer are hyper-capable, which keeps you feeling empowered even if you haven't mastered its pretty high skill ceiling.

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Oddmar ($4.99)

Oddmar is probably the most conventional platformer on this list, but it earns its keep here because of its level of execution. You can certainly expect all the kinds of levels and puzzles you might find in other 2D platformers, but Oddmar paces them out perfectly and does so with an overall experience that looks and feels great.

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Levelhead - Platformer Maker ($6.99)

If you want a platformer that you can return to time and time again and experience something new, make sure you grab Levelhead. Like Super Mario Maker, this game doubles as a creation tool, where players can build, share, and rate each other's levels. This is probably the least touch-friendly game on this list, but it plays beautifully with a controller and level building using touch is a breeze. It's also worth mentioning that Levelhead is cross-platform, meaning you can play or share levels with people who have the game on console or PC.

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